Omicron 5: the unusual symptom accused by many infected with the new variant

Omicron 5 the new variant of Covid-19 is currently the most widespread and contagious. Let’s find out what are the common signs of the disease, plus the unusual symptom reported by many patients

When the pandemic started, the COVID-19 came with a long list of potential symptoms ranging from fever and cold to loss of smell and taste.

Among the different variants Omicron BA5 is the most widespread and contagious one at the moment, which is triggering what many call the sixth summer wave. The infection appears to start with symptoms similar to those of a common cold, causing infections more in the upper respiratory tract rather than the lower respiratory tract and can affect the lungs.

Symptoms also appear to start earlier, about three days after infection, compared to five days for the Delta variant.

L’World Health Organization (WHO) warns that despite being less deadly than Delta, Omicron 5 has a high level of contagiousness and hospitalization. This means that we must still pay close attention to prevent the disease.

But what are the symptoms to watch out for? And how do they differ from previous strains of the virus that triggered a global pandemic? According to the reports collected by the Ministry, compared to the other variants they manifest themselves more visibly, but for less time.

Even high fever

In this variant it is very common to have fever, even very high, for the first two or three days of the illness

Runny nose and sore throat

One of the most common symptoms of Omicron 5 is a cold and a runny nose. Add to this cough and sore throat, which are defining symptoms of Covid-19 infection; in fact, these are not only specific symptoms of Omicron 5, but of all the variants known so far.

Loss of smell and taste

Loss of smell or taste is much rarer for Omicron 4. In fact, this was a defining symptom at the beginning of the pandemic, and one we find in most patients suffering from Long Covid. With Omicron 5 this symptom is much less common, and only one in five people report it.


As well as colds and sore throats, another symptom that unites all the variants and, consequently also Omicron 5, is the tiredness and the sense of fatigue in carrying out even simple daily activities.

Muscle pain and back pain

The first reports of Omicron from South Africa included a major symptom severe lower back pain and, more generally, muscular pain.

To this more common signal has been added an unusual one pain in the knees, even reported by children; Fortunately, this joint and muscle discomfort lasts only a few days, one or two at most.

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Omicron 5: the unusual symptom accused by many infected with the new variant

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