Omicron, new symptoms: from skin lesions to nail spots. All the signs of the virus

Change i symptoms from Omicron. The virus evolves, changes shape and new variants emerge. And so there are other signs that indicate when you are infected. They are all important indicators that can warn us of the presence in our body of the coronavirus and therefore allow us to take a swab and check if we are potentially able to spread the Covid or not. However, these are not the usual symptoms (fever, cold, sore throat and so on), but less common forms in which the last strains of the coronavirus that have now become dominant in Italy occur.

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New Omicron symptoms, what they are

More than two years after the start of the pandemic, hundreds of thousands of Covid cases are recorded every day around the world. As new variants appeared, the symptoms also evolved. Initially the Ministry of Health considered the fever, cough and loss or change of smell or taste as the main symptoms. But now the guidelines have been updated. From skin lesions to hearing loss, the latest data gathered increasingly shows that symptoms may go beyond what one might expect from a normal cold or flu.

Hives and skin rash

Omicron-related skin disorders are not uncommon. A British study published in 2021 found that one in five patients had only a rash and no other symptoms. Covid can affect the skin in various ways. Some people may experience a skin rash, while others may experienceurticaria. Most of these skin lesions due to the coronavirus tend to disappear after a few days or, in some cases, after a few weeks, without the need for any specialized treatment. However, if the skin is very itchy or painful, you can consult your family doctor or dermatologist, who can recommend a treatment such as a cream.

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Stains on the nails

With Omicron they can change the nails, especially in adolescents or young adults with little or no symptoms. Such as? Lines of Beau, or horizontal indentations that form at the base of the fingernails or toenails when there is a temporary interruption of nail growth due to physical stress on the body. But also Mees lines, horizontal white lines that appear on the nails, which are believed to be caused by abnormal production of protein in the nail bed. And then a crescent-shaped red spot that develops at the base of the nails. Data on the number of people suffering from Omicron nail spots are limited, but it was valued which could be up to 1-2% of patients. A symptom that tends to appear in the days or weeks following the infection, when the nails grow. While they can be painful at first, most tend to return to normal within a few weeks.

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Hair loss

Hair loss is perhaps an underestimated symptom of COVID-19, which it usually does occurs a month or more after acute infection. In a study of nearly 6,000 people previously affected by COVID, hair loss was the most common symptom, reported by 48% of participants. It was particularly common among people who had had a severe infection and among women. It is believed that this is due to the fact that the hair “perceives” the stress of the organism, causing excess shedding. In fact, hair loss can also be triggered by other stressful events, such as childbirth. The good news is that hair grows back normally over time.

Hearing loss and tinnitus

As with other viral infections, such as influenza and measles, COVID has been found to affect cells in the inner ear, with hearing loss or tinnitus (a constant ringing sensation in the ear) sometimes following ‘infection. In a review study that included 560 participants, hearing loss occurred in 3.1% of COVID patients, while tinnitus occurred in 4.5%.

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Omicron, new symptoms: from skin lesions to nail spots. All the signs of the virus

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