Paola Caruso discharged from hospital: “I need rest”. What disease does his son Michele have? The details that have not escaped the fans

Paula Caruso she was discharged after hospitalization. «Finally home with my love». She let her fans know on Instagram. The showgirl had a psychophysical breakdown after discovering that her son Michele was ill. «I never recovered from Michele’s misfortune, my body suffered too great a trauma. I tried to be strong for my son who only has me. I’ve been through too bad a time, actually the worst of my life and it’s still going on. But I’m human and this time I collapsed.” With an Instagram story, Paola Caruso had thus made it known that she had been hospitalized to her fans.

Paola Caruso hospitalized: “The misfortune that happened to my son made me collapse”

Paola Caruso discharged from hospital

The ex Bonas of Avanti another, has recently discovered an illness that has affected his son and is not going through a very easy period. «We’ve been doing tests and therapy for a month and we’ll be doing a lot of therapy for a long time. I thank everyone who wrote to me because I disappeared. It is a very delicate period for me and my son. For now I don’t feel like saying more also because there are actions underway, some very serious things have happened ». Then the messages from the haters who had accused her of celebrating Christmas despite her son’s uncertain health conditions. And she had replied with the sound of “shame on you”.

Paola Caruso replies to the haters: «My son has major health problems. Shame on you”

The shelter

Then the collapse, she was hospitalized two days ago, but now it seems the situation has returned. Finally home with my love… I need a lot of rest… thank you all for the calls and messages… we’ll get better soon we are each other’s strength».

Paola Caruso on social media with her son after the “misfortune”. But offenses rained down: «You are unrecognizable»

What disease does the child have?

Paola raised her son alone. She has long accused her ex-boyfriend of abandoning her during and after her pregnancy. She did not want to talk about the illness of her son but the showgirl some of his followers have guessed that it could be a neurological problem and the ex Bonas herself seems to confirm it. In one photo, a user comments: “But don’t you see that she posts photos with the baby always in her arms, who knows if he has had any neurological problems, she spoke that the baby needed therapy”, an observation to which Paola answered: «Intelligent person», suggesting that the health problem is precisely of that nature.

In a subsequent video of Paola and Michele while they are walking, another person points out how the child is unable to put his legs right, confirming a problem that could be of a neurological nature. Meanwhile Paola continues to let it be known that she wants to fight with her all her strength to make her son feel good and to make him weigh as little as possible this bad situation in which she finds herself. And there are those who, without wanting to be a detective, are on her side. «Instead of focusing all your attention on looking for discomfort, observe how much beauty, energy, care there can be in any loved one!!!»

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Paola Caruso discharged from hospital: “I need rest”. What disease does his son Michele have? The details that have not escaped the fans

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