Prestigious European award for young doctor in the Verduno hospital

Elena Lentadietician of the Complex Structure of Clinical Nutrition and Eating Disorders of the “Michele and Pietro Ferrero” Hospital in Verduno, he picked up on Sunday morning a Vienna the prestigious Travel Awardthe prize promoted byEspen – the most important European scientific society in the field of clinical nutrition -, aimed at the best young researchers under 35 in the member states of the scientific society.

Among the more than 900 “abstracts” presented at the annual congress that took place in the Austrian capital from 3 to 6 September, the work of Dr. Lenta was elected as the “best study carried out by a young Italian researcher”.

The commitment of the young researcher focused on the analysis of the so-called “food literacy” of employees (or on their knowledge in the nutritional field also for the purpose of improving their food culture). The study is part of the activities related to “ABCibi” projectan initiative born in Verduno in 2021 thanks to the support of Alba-Bra Onlus Hospital Foundationwith the aim of bringing about a profound renewal of the collective catering service for patients and workers, which aims to encourage attention to food education for the employees of the “Ferrero” unit.

“Studies affirm that nutritional knowledge is at the basis of the prevention of chronic noncommunicable diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension and cancercomments Dr. Lenta -, and if this attention is important for the citizen, it is even more so for those who work in a company whose main raison d’etre is health. The results of the survey indicate that, despite a good theoretical knowledge on food, there is room for improvement on the practical aspects, for example on how to build a healthy dish. In particular, I would like to thank the director of the Clinical Nutrition Structure of the ASL CN2, Dr. Cloè Dalla Costa, as well as her extraordinary staff, the cooks and all those who contribute to the ABCibi project, born from the collaboration between the Foundation Alba Bra Onlus Hospital and the CN2 ASL ».

“The younger generations have unique talents
comments Dr. Dalla Costa, Director of the SC Clinical Nutrition and Eating Disorders -. Their habit of a constantly evolving world leads them to react with innovative ideas and in step with the times. The development of young people is essential to create future experienced professionals. On the basis of the results of this work, numerous interventions were carried out: from food education courses to the refurbishment of the canteen, both in terms of food supply and in terms of graphic design through the use of materials such as posters, playbills and panels that guide employees to choose the most correct meal. And today we are setting ourselves new, ambitious goals, which go beyond the confines of the hospital and stimulate even more attention to healthy and balanced nutrition in the territory of the ASL CN2 ».


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Prestigious European award for young doctor in the Verduno hospital

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