“Queen Elizabeth II died after a fall” / Shock hypothesis: “Immediately serious situation …”

Queen Elizabeth II, hypothesis causes death: “Accidental fall at Balmoral”

Sudden death of Elizabeth II, the iconic queen of the United Kingdom, is attracting the media attention of the whole world these days, and in the meantime the general questions about the causes linked to the death of the constitutional monarch are legitimate. It is no coincidence that, on a global scale, the first conjectures are found regarding what could be hidden behind the death of Elizabeth II, and among others the hypothesis first formulated and then confirmed by The messengerwhich would see a ruinous fall of the sovereign at the base of death from the causes still unknown.

“Queen Elizabeth II died of trauma sustained in an accidental fall. The rumors that were already circulating in London on Thursday were confirmed yesterday by reliable sources close to the Royal Family – emerges between the lines of what is taken from the source ofhypothesis . After the accident, probably caused by the Sovereign’s motor difficulties, the doctors who assisted her at any time of the day immediately realized that the situation was very serious, to the point of advising against a transfer to the hospital. The news was leaked gradually, first announcing Elisabetta’s withdrawal from giving a conference on Zoom with her Private Council and then admitting that the medical staff were “worried” about her health “.

Another hypothesis: a cardiovascular disease underlying the death of Queen Elizabeth II?

But the latter is not the only hypothesis to become viral on the net, so much so that it is considered by most – among Internet users – to be unofficial news. There Deb Cohen-Joneswho lives in Perth, Western Australia, urged by the Daily Mail has provided his theory that the monarch has passed away due to a vascular pathology and photos of Queen Elizabeth II’s hands – of her last duty fulfilled while she was still alive – as she posed alongside the new British Prime Minister Liz Truss at Balmoral Castle in Scotland on Tuesday, would be the unmistakable testimony that Elizabeth II’s health conditions were worsening visibly, until her death. According to the expert, therefore, the details found at hands in the last public images of the late queen they are the sure and irrefutable proof of peripheral vascular diseases.

In the case of Elisabetta, it would be a blood circulation disorder which causes blood vessels to narrow, block or spasm and which can also lead to serious risk of heart failure. “If your peripheral circulation is so poor, your organs aren’t getting a good blood supply”reports the expert, alluding to the possible cause linked to death of the last Queen.


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“Queen Elizabeth II died after a fall” / Shock hypothesis: “Immediately serious situation …”

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