Radiators, never keep them like this: it could be a health risk

Radiators should never be kept this way, the health risk is very high. Here’s how to do it in order not to risk it.

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Radiators have become part of everyone’s life, precisely because they represent an ally for the winter against the cold. These tools can be of different types, precisely because over the years they have undergone a strong transformation both in terms of functioning and in terms of materials. There is also a discussion related to safety and health, precisely because if kept in a certain way they could be a risk to our health. Let’s try to clarify?

Expensive bills and radiators: can you save money?

The next few months promise to be very particular in terms of price increases and very high bills. There most families he is aware of the fact that important figures will arrive and that it will not be possible to do without heating.

Radiator in the house
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Two factors that go hand in hand, considering that the cold is unmanageable and some houses have “old” windows and doors that don’t keep the heat inside by contrasting the cold outside. Recent studies have highlighted that bills would had a 50% increase based on those of the year 2021: an unsustainable situation to say the least.

Radiator maintenance
Radiator maintenance-NanoPress.it

Who owns the radiators in the house, knows that these can be of different types and materials. To save money, it is necessary to contact a technician once a year for a generic check and then clean all the parts well to reduce consumption and save on the budget, as well as on the bill.

Radiators, a risk when kept this way

The radiator is a very precious friend that is found in most Italian homes. They are activated at mid-autumn period and keep company throughout the winter by giving off the necessary heat for the rooms. These tools are divided into two types, namely cast iron or aluminum.

In order to save on the bill and not risk your health, radiators must be cleaned regularly with different methods depending on the type. A dirty and uncontrolled radiator risks giving off heat in the rooms and making the air unbreathable, to the detriment of the individual health of those who live in that house.

The cast iron radiator it is very particular and cleaning must take place regularly on the back. In that area a lot of black dust accumulates and there are special brushes to use, specifically designed to reach hostile and hidden corners. How to do? Take a basin full of hot water and dissolve some dish detergent. Take a sponge full of the solution and then pass it over the surface, but not before having passed the brushes mentioned above to remove the dust. Immediately afterwards, dry with a soft, dry cloth.

Clean the radiator
Clean the radiator-NanoPress.it

If the radiators are made of aluminium, then simply eliminate the accumulated dust with the help of a vacuum cleaner and then a antistatic cloth. As a last step, wipe with a sponge full of water and a delicate detergent, and then dry completely. It is advisable to carry out this action once a week, preserving not only your wallet but also your health.

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Radiators, never keep them like this: it could be a health risk

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