Results Test medicine 2022: when they come out and where to find them

After taking the Medicine test, candidates’ first thought is when and how to find out the results of the admission test. We therefore provide you with the key dates to keep in mind to know everything about your score. To mark in the calendar is the date of September 14ththe day on which the results (anonymously) of the test will be published and you can already begin to understand how you went and if you have any chance to pass.
But it will only be September 23rd that aspiring doctors will be able to consult – in the reserved section on Universitaly – your questionnaire and find out your score in detail.
There national ranking medicine test 2022 instead it will be published on 29 Septemberalways on Universitaly.

Medicine test results 2022: when they come out and where

From 14 September, eight days after the test, you will be able to know your score. THE however, the results published on 14 September are not nominative: to understand how many points you have scored, you will need to have the identification code received on the day of the test with you.
THE medicine test results are published in the reserved area of ‚Äč‚ÄčUniversitaly, which you can access with the access keys received at the time of registration.
The 23 September, however, in the reserved area you can consult your test, the answer sheet, the personal data sheet and your score in nominative form.
The first important thing to understand is if you have scored at least 20 points, necessary to qualify and enter medicine test ranking.

Medicine test result 2022: how it is calculated

Each candidate is awarded 1.5 points for each correct answer, 0 points for each answer left blank and is given a penalty of – 0.4 points in case of wrong answer. The maximum achievable is a score of 90, the minimum to enter the ranking, as mentioned – below which, in short, the test was certainly not passed – is a score of 20 points. Above 20 points, you compete for the locations for which you have expressed preference at the time of registration and you are included in the ranking. At that point, whoever has the best result is entitled to a higher seat and, if it falls within the number of seats available for the chosen locations, will be able to enroll if it is assigned or booked.

Medicine test results, how the ranking works

On 29 September, with the publication of the national ranking, anyone pass the medical admission test will know if it is ‘assigned’ or ‘booked’ to a chosen university.
What does it mean? That those who are ‘assigned’ re-enter the places of the first preference and must enroll within four days (Saturdays and holidays excluded). In case of delay, he loses the right to enroll and is excluded from the ranking. On the other hand, those who are ‘booked’ are not included in the places of the first useful preference, but rather booked on a subsequent choice. In this way, the booked person can decide whether to enroll, or wait for other locations indicated according to the scrolling of the ranking to become available.

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Results Test medicine 2022: when they come out and where to find them

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