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In case of annoying ringing in the ears similar to a whistle, it could also be due to this pathology.

This hearing disorder can be caused by a specific disease, especially in the presence of other rather specific symptoms.

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Among the most annoying and difficult to diagnose ailments is the ringing in the ears – which usually resembles a whistle. Since noise is subjective it is in fact very difficult to reach a diagnosis, despite the experts by now – even on the basis of specific questions asked to the patient he is able to reach the right conclusion.

Regardless of the difficulty in measuring this annoyance, however, it can be caused by various factors, for which numerous investigations are necessary to be able to reach the right conclusion – especially since it is not always a symptom connected to problems affecting the ears. So let’s see what it can be caused by and how to intervene in these cases.

Ringing in the ears, here’s what it can depend on

As anticipated, therefore, the ringing in the ears can be the symptom of many ailments and, since it is often a subjective noise – that is, not always measurable with the right equipment – ​​it is sometimes difficult to understand its intensity and origin.

Causes of ringing in the ears - Source AdobeStock
Causes of ringing in the ears – Source AdobeStock

Usually however it occurs in case of Problem receiving soundthat is, if one occurs hearing loss more or less important in the patient – ​​which in turn can be transient or permanent. This condition can however be conditioned by the natural and physiological aging of the hearing system but also show up in the case of a trauma caused by exposure to loud noises (even in a limited time).

We cannot then exclude situations such as duct obstruction – in the case of earwax plugswhich, however, can be removed easily – or even in the case of pressure drop outside the ear (such as when scuba diving or flying). Finally this condition can also be linked to perforation of the ear membrane or to an inflammation of the ear – known as ear infection.

Ringing in the ears, what to do depending on the problem

Therefore, if the problem is caused by ear obstruction, we usually proceed with the simple removal of the earwax plug and the problem tends to go away within a few days. Even in the case of problems such as sudden changes in pressure outside the ear usually the symptoms tends to return on its own.

Visit to the ENT for ringing in the ears - Source AdobeStock
Visit to the ENT for ringing in the ears – Source AdobeStock

If, on the other hand, the buzzing is caused by the aforementioned inflammation, it is advisable to immediately consult a doctor, who will evaluate theorigin of the pathology and will prescribe the most adequate solution – in case of bacterial infection of proceeds with antibiotic therapy or with antifungal drugs in the case of fungal infection.

Finally, it is good to bear in mind, especially in the case of ear perforation or trauma, that the problem may not always go away; however there are some solutions to help the patient to live with this pathologyusually of type psychological to cope with the anxiety and discomfort caused by the disorder.

Finally, it is necessary to underline again that ringing in the ears is not always conditioned by a problem connected to the ears, as in the case of high pressure. In these cases, however, it is still advisable to consult a doctor and evaluate a therapeutic path that can help the patient keep thehypertension.

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Ringing in the ears like a whistle, it could be this pathology – NewsSalute.it

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