Sabrina Salerno at 54 is super sexy, here’s how she stays in shape

A physicist who is at least 20 years younger than Sabrina Salerno’s, here’s how she keeps herself so fit at 54

Sabrina Salerno (Instagram photo)


Beauty has no age, this is certainly true but stopping time is another thing, however some Italian beauties do it better than others and a champion in this sport is undoubtedly the beautiful Sabrina Salernomany of you will surely have been incredulous when reading his date of birth, born in 1968 And physical from 10 and praise thanks above all to the different types of exercises he carries out during the week, some very simple and within everyone’s reach but which undoubtedly offer their beautiful results.

Sabrina Salerno, a beauty icon at 54, the secret lies in constancy

In a recent interview reported by The Gazzetta dello Sport Sabrina Salerno spoke about himself and his relationship with fitness, after a break in February he recently resumed exercise sessions between the gym and home, plank, squat, few weights and a lot of free body are among the methods she most used.

From singing to dancing to the theater, the beautiful Sabrina Salerno she is a volcano of energies, she owes a lot to her weekly workouts which, as she confessed, also thanks to the help of her personal trainer, are change often to activate new muscle groups each time.

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A past of sport, from athletics to high jumping are certainly served to the Salerno to maintain a physique like hers, however she too has had a period “laziness” after the youth that it is lasted up to 40 yearsthen the resumption of training and the results are there for all to see, it is never too late to get back in the saddleinitially starting can be hard but in a few weeks the obvious benefits will give the right push to continue.

in general 3 or 4 sessions per week for a couple of hours I have been the protocol followed by the showgirl, what seems to help, however, could be the natural predisposition to take a few sweetsas she herself reported in fact she is much more accustomed to salty, she does not smoke and the only whim she does not give up is a nice glass of red wine.

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So what to say, you will have to follow his adviceas it was for her too, it will never be too late, there a sedentary lifestyle is a major cause of health complicationskeeping fit is not a sport for the vain, eating healthy and spending a couple of hours at least 3 times a week on the whole does not take much time but in the long run the benefits will be obvious, 54 years old Sabrina Salerno is the absolute testimonyone step at a time so it is good to push yourself and then the rest will come by itself.

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Sabrina Salerno at 54 is super sexy, here’s how she stays in shape

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