Salmonella Enteriditis found in Chicken feces, do not eat these Egg Marks

Some Egg Brands are involved in shelf recalls due to Salmonella contamination. Here are the Lots.

This time the withdrawal it is not precautionary, because the Salmonella bacterium has been clearly identified by some analyses.


does not end thewave of foods that contain bacteria or foreign substances. The Ministry of Health has published new recalls and this time they concern brands of manufacturers of fresh eggs.

As we know, those who work in the food sector (OSA) have the obligation to immediately report any non-conformity of the productsto protect human health. To do this, send the communications to the Ministry of Health, which then disseminates them. But he is also required to put up information and warning billboards at the establishments where the products were on sale.

In these last days the Ministry has disclosed the specifications of some batches of eggs withdrawn from the shelves, due to microbiological risk. That is, a contamination by the Salmonella bacterium.

Salmonella Enteriditis found in feces of Hens, Brands and Lots involved

The November 15th last year the first report of eggs withdrawn from the market. concern theCompany Pazzaglia, of Battaglia Luca. Here are the Lots and the reason for the recalls.

  • CRAZY EGGS – Category A Fresh Eggs – Large L – pack of 6 fresh eggs, large L (63-73g) white shell
  • Name or company name of the FBO under which the product is marketed: UOVA PAZZAGLIA di Battaglia Luca – Identification of the establishment/producer: IT 040017 – Headquarters of the establishment: Budrio di Longiano (FC) – Lot numbers 431001 with expiry 11/22/2022; 441001 with expiry on 11/28/2022

In this case the Salmonella contamination has been ascertained, as can be seen from the official statement on the Ministry of Health website. Positivity for Salmonella Enteriditis following official faecal sampling of laying hens. Performed by
ASUR Area Vasta 2 dated 27/10/2022 cod. all. 036AN089. Test report no. 85652 dated 05/11/2022.”

On November 16, another recall was published, here are the specifications

We always talk about fresh eggs, category A, in packs of 6. Here are Marchio and Lotti.

  • Aurora srl ​​brand COPAV – Name or business name of the FBO under which the product is marketed: AURORA SRL – COPAV – Lot number 22420650AVI; 22420655AVI; 22430669AVI; 22440674AVI; 22420634AVI; 22420648AVI – with deadlines of 14-16-17-23-27/11/2022 respectively
  • Name of the Producer: AURORA SRL N. RECOGNITION CEIT WOL80 – Location of the plant: Falconara Marittima (AN), Headquarters: Via del Lavoro, 21

Again the Salmonella contamination was certified by analysis on feces of laying hens.

Also on November 16, another call on fresh eggs, here is Marca and Lotti

Let’s talk about Medium fresh eggsin Packs of 6. The manufacturing company is OVOTRI srl – factory headquarters Via S. Pietro, 3 62020 CALDAROLA (MC)

  • Production Lots Numbers 141122A-181122A-251122A – with deadlines respectively by 14-18-25/11/2022

The reasoning is the same as the previous two: confirmed presence of Salmonella Enteriditis in the faeces of hens.

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Anyone who has purchased the following lots of Eggs is requested not to consume them at all and to bring them back to the shop.

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Salmonella Enteriditis found in Chicken feces, do not eat these Egg Marks

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