Smallpox of monkeys, mandatory quarantine and vaccine: Crisanti dictates the strategy to avoid contagion

Epidemiologist Andrea Crisanti has proposed quarantine for close contacts and “ring” vaccination for the people most exposed to the infection

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L’World Health Organization he made it known that as of May 26, in total, they were counted 257 cases confirmed from monkeypox and 120 suspects. No deaths have been reported so far. “The situation is evolving rapidly, and WHO predicts that identified cases will increase as surveillance expands to non-endemic countries and to countries known to be endemic that have not reported cases recently,” the statement said. of the institution.

The WHO strategy against monkeypox

So far the WHO has not recommended any anti-contagion measuresspecifying that close contacts only need to be monitored for 21 days, which is the maximum incubation period of the virus, continuing to live their daily lives normally.

But not all experts agree. Starting with Italian Andrew Chrysantsresearcher and full professor of Microbiology at the University of Padua.

Quarantine and vaccine: what Andrea Crisanti said

Andrea Crisanti told Adnkronos that he would opt for the quarantine of close contacts and above all for the ring vaccinationwhich provides prophylaxis starting from the categories most exposed to the monkeypox virus.

“In light of all that we have suffered with the Sars-CoV-2, in my opinion a little excess of caution it doesn’t hurt. I’d do the quarantine of contacts. It would be about ten or 14 days, ”she said.

“And then the vaccination. Surely the contacts of the cases I would vaccinate them all “. The expert explained that he would not, however, consider it “necessary to vaccinate at this stage personal sanitary And laboratory“.

Smallpox of monkeys, mandatory quarantine and vaccine: Crisanti dictates the strategy to avoid contagion

The researcher and university professor Andrea Crisanti.

Because there are more and more cases of monkeypox

“The first question to ask is why is this spread of monkeypox now and in these sizewhen this is a disease that has somehow been known for a very long time, ”he said.

“There have already been episodes of diffusion of the monkeypox in the past also in America, and then in Africa it is a fairly common disease. Regarding this question, one possibility could be that a critical point has been reached in the relationship between susceptible And resistant to the virus“, He explained to Adnkronos.

The outbreaks that emerged in several countries at the same time, even very far from each other, with constantly growing numbers, “could very well be due to the fact that a critical relationship has been reached between vaccinated and unvaccinated, which in fact favors its transmission in some situations “.

“The vaccinated against smallpox I am resistant, are covered against the monkeypox virus. It is as if there is in fact a herd immunity. Since this virus has a very low transmission rate, even a relatively low percentage of protected people is enough to block transmission, “he said. Andrea Crisanti.

“But clearly the more time passes the more the ratio of vaccinated to unvaccinated decreases ”, considering that the smallpox vaccine is no longer mandatory since the early 1980s. “This is the most likely thing in my opinion.”


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Smallpox of monkeys, mandatory quarantine and vaccine: Crisanti dictates the strategy to avoid contagion

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