Smallpox of monkeys, vaccination campaign ready: the first doses assigned to 4 Regions

The categories at risk –

“At the moment – reads the circular – the mode of contagion and the speed of spread, as well as the effectiveness of non-pharmacological measures exclude the need for a mass vaccination campaign”. The first categories at risk are identified, among others, among gay, transgender, bisexual and other men who have sexual relations with men, which fall into the following risk criteria: recent history (last 3 months) with multiple sexual partners; and / or participation in group sex events; and / or participation in sexual encounters in clubs, clubs, cruises or saunas; and / or recent sexually transmitted infection (at least one episode in the past year); and / or the habit of associating sexual acts with the consumption of chemical drugs (Chemsex).

Smallpox of monkeys vaccination campaign ready the first doses assigned

“These subjects at higher risk – it continues – could be identified among those who refer to PrEP-HIV clinics of infectious disease centers and Check Points, HIV centers and centers for the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, also using high-risk behavior indicators similar to those used to assess suitability for HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis, but applied regardless of whether HIV infection is present or not “.

The dose distribution plan –

With the circular comes the green light for the distribution plan of the Jynneos smallpox vaccine. The provision establishes the assignment of the first shares following the arrival of the first tranche by the European Commission. After hearing the Regions and Autonomous Provinces, “it was decided to divide the vaccine doses currently available among the Regions with the highest number of cases reported to date and divided as follows: Lombardy 2,000; Lazio 1,200; Emilia-Romagna 600; Veneto 400 “.

The circular also establishes that “pending the next tranche of donation (currently scheduled for the second half of August), a portion of doses (multiples of 20 up to 60 doses) “. A portion of the vaccine will remain stored at the Ministry of Health, for any emergencies.

In Lombardy the cases rise to 269 –

In total, 269 cases of monkeypox have been recorded to date in Lombardy. This was announced by the Region. 74% of the cases (198) were identified by Ats Milan. The infected are almost all men (266), especially between the ages of 30 and 39 (48%). For the management and control of the epidemic, the Lombardy Region has announced that it has set up a coordination unit, which will have the task of monitoring the progress of cases in the territory.

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Smallpox of monkeys, vaccination campaign ready: the first doses assigned to 4 Regions

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