Sport and lifestyle revolutionize mental health: the latest incredible discovery

Playing sports and adopting a healthy lifestyle are not choices that “only” affect body health: the latest discovery shows a correlation with mental well-being

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Adopting healthy lifestyle choices is a method as important as it is effective for preserve health and it has been ascertained by science how much they can also influence the fight against various pathologies. High blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, obesity, are some of the diseases that we can prevent and fight throughphysical activitya fundamental ally of well-being.

But the latest discovery highlights another unprecedented and surprising aspect of the influence exercised by sport and certain food choices on well-being, in this case psychological. Central to serenity, the mental health it should equally be protected in daily choices, as they represent an essential aspect of health. Adopting a healthy lifestyle, opting for movement and a balanced diet, also brings benefits to psychological well-being, so much so that it can also counteract mild depressive disorders.

Sport and healthy lifestyle: allies of mental health

Sports mental health
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The latest discovery on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle this time is not just about physical healthoften preponderant in concerns about one’s well-being, but that mental. Psychological malaise is still too often considered a taboo, although it is normal and not uncommon to experience discomfort in a period of one’s life.

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Science identifies a direct relationship between sports, healthy eating and mental health, to such an extent that we can say that some mild psychological discomfort can be counteracted through better daily choices. In the specific case, reference is made to depressionwhich, however, in moderate and severe cadres unequivocally requires and irreplaceable psychotherapeutic and psychopharmacological interventions.

In the case of a mild depressive disorder, with a less impactful and marked impact on everyday life, it is possible to intervene successfully through lifestyle. The first step is of course eliminate all substance abuseincluding alcohol, and adopt a daily diet rich in healthy and balanced nutrients, giving up junk food.

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Secondly, physical activity plays a key role in well-being, as demonstrated by the research published in the journal Jama Psychiatry. The result of the survey shows a reduction of 25% of depressive states in relation to the practice of moderate physical activity for three days a week.

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Sport and lifestyle revolutionize mental health: the latest incredible discovery

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