Studying medicine in the metaverse

Training, including medical and scientific training, already enjoys the advantages of digital technology, particularly emphasized by the pandemic. But when it comes to technology, the boundary can be moved further and further and even end, as evidenced by it spirit of the timein the possible, and all to be structured, dimension of metaverse. Create “a standard digital training in the metaverse”Is one of the objectives of iDea which has decided to launch the hub in Milan Made.

As told at the Milanese presentation on 15 September in Corso Venezia 8, Made it will be a space to create innovative educational opportunities, create latest generation phygital events and, in general, keep abreast of technological advancement to make it available to national and international companies and organizations.

A new way of training

A laboratory of ideas, as a Wired, Mariangela Castiglionemanaging director of iDea Groupa company that organizes events in the field of medicine and science and is an Ecm provider (Continuing education in medicineed): Made, explains the manager, “Will host numerous training, digital and technological events. It will not be a place to allocate the same technologies to the bitter end. Every time from the market we will find the existing technology and we will train every day, with training events and related to the world of Big pharma. At the same time, Made wants to be a laboratory where ideas are developed and new training criteria are understood, which will inevitably be different from what we are used to. Before, training was done with the classic screen, the projector, frontally. Today the epochal change in technologies leads us to review its paradigms. We will make appointments with opinion leaders related to the world of education to understand, study and create these paradigms together “.

The many roads that lead to the metaverse

Not just virtual reality: from “holoportation” to the importance of senses such as touch, up to the creation of unique and transportable avatars between different platforms. For the moment, however, the most promising sector still seems to be gaming

The appointments

A real educational path, which is divided into a schedule of appointments leaving in November with a meeting on the “Digital transformation in medical scientific training”. The appointments will continue in December, to talk about sustainability and efficiency in the healthcare world; in February, the meetings will focus on digital training resources; in April on the role and management of new data in healthcare contexts between technology and law; and finally in May 2023, there will be an appointment dedicated to the metaverse and 4.0 training. A theme that is very central to iDea Group, partly because, Castiglione recalls, “The metaverse is not as far away as we think” but also for the company’s objectives: “Everyone talks about the metaverse, we would like to reduce it to a need. See how it evolves and use it to do science, education. In the Covid era, we acquired an American platform and trained the Italian medical and healthcare world through an important digitization, not only on Zoom. With the metaverse we would like there to be one immersive reality more experienced by the doctor, in lieu of or as a corollary of the standard training that will remain, because meeting is still a value.

The pandemic has also marked a watershed in this sense and the various industries are grappling with evaluations on the practices to be preserved, enhanced, innovated or, in some cases, archived. But Castiglione has no doubts that “the congress will exist in its residential form, because it is a moment of one to one meeting; certainly specific training will need more immersive skills, of digitization; by now we are no longer used to listening in a slavish manner to a speaker, we need interaction and the interaction is also made of technology “.

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Studying medicine in the metaverse

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