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Going on a diet consists of sacrifices, losing weight is not easy, yet it is enough to consume the right foods to lose weight: here are the most satiating and healthy.

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Following a weight loss diet involves the intake of certain healthful foods and not too caloric. The fact is that, being in a calorie deficit, you are always hungry during the day, and often even during the night. How to fill this hole that forms in the stomach between meals? By snacking indicated.

Wrong snacking is one of the biggest causes of weight gain, a rather harmful habit that ruins what is built meal after meal. There is no need to give up snacks, indeed, these are always recommended, so as not to get to the main meals damn hungry. However, one must consume the right foods, capable of satisfy the appetitebut without affecting the weight.

Foods that satisfy but do not gain weight: what to eat for a snack

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Snacking is a good habit, however, you need to eat foods that are filling, healthy and obviously low in calories. Consuming fresh products is a good idea so as not to burden our diet too much. So, here is the 5 more filling foods and healthy that you can safely take when you are hungry.

The first are i soy beans, rich in protein, low in fat, containing minerals, such as iron, sodium and phosphorus, and vitamins B and C. Soy contains a large number of fibers, essential for digestion, and is capable of reducing cholesterol. Being a natural anti-inflammatory, it is ideal for people suffering from arthritis.

Otherwise, for a healthy snack, you can opt for a tasty one fruit salad. Fruits are antioxidants and protect the immune system, preventing cardiovascular disease and stroke. In addition, red fruits, such as watermelon, plums or pomegranate, are rich in lycopene.

The foods that satisfy the most to eat as a snack

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At low heat we also find the popcorn, as long as it is not loaded with salt or oil. Popcorn is corn, making them at home is very simple, the important thing is not to overdo it with the oil. In addition, these are very filling. An excellent snack also includes the consumption of a cube of dark chocolate.

To make it tastier, we can melt the chocolate and spread it on thin slices of orange. Then we put in the freezer for half an hour, until the chocolate solidifies. A delicious snack capable of regulating blood pressure and rebalancing cholesterol levels.

Finally, the fifth and last satiating food is the dried fruit, high in fiber, capable of controlling blood glucose peaks and providing all nutrients. It is recommended to consume a maximum of 50 grams of nuts per day, including peanuts, pine nuts, almonds, pistachios, walnuts or cashews. In short, snacking is the right solution, just take into account what you read.

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the 5 most satiating foods and allies of the diet – INRAN

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