The Audace gym bent by smart working: «We have to close, the center of Milan has emptied»

from Laura Vincenti

On 27 November the lights go out in the fitness club in Piazza della Repubblica. The owner: «Many work from home and choose centers close to their residence to train»

Due to smart working, the Audace gym closes. Among the collateral victims of the pandemic is also the popular club dedicated to fitness of piazza della Repubblica, on the corner with via Parini, which will lower the shutter on November 27th. «We made a corporate choice, for us it is no longer a business to have a club in this area – says the owner Ciro Santucci —, the city center has emptied due to the remote working that many companies have adopted during the pandemic but which are continuing even now, when the emergency is over ».

In short, the lifestyle of many Milanese has changed: many now work from home and choose fitness centers close to their residence to train and not to the office. The 2000 square meter gym in Piazza della Repubblica had opened in 2014 «with success: until 2020 we worked very well, then Covid arrived. Now this club is no longer sustainable. We are very sorry, we are unhappy to close, but unfortunately it is not up to us. However, our members can continue to train in the Audace center in via Bronzino, Città Studi area. Or in the Virgin Active fitness clubs “with which we have reached an agreement”. Santucci, however, is already announcing new openings: «Smaller clubs, about 1000 square meters, and in residential areas. Certainly not downtown.”

This the official communication sent to members:
«Dear subscriber, despite all our efforts to avoid what we would not have wanted, unfortunately we have to communicate the closure of the Audace Repubblica center on November 27: your season ticket will stop on that same date. If you want to stay in Audace, you can move your subscription to the Audace center of Città Studi, in via Bronzino 15: we will be happy to have you with us again. Thanks to an agreement that Audace Palestre has found for you with Virgin Active Italia, if you want to continue training, you can continue to do so in a Virgin Active center of your choice. Both today and in the coming days we will still be available in Audace Repubblica if you want to talk to us and explain your situation: together we will find the solution that best suits your needs. We want to thank you for the trust you have placed in us so far and we hope to have you again with us. Certain that you too will understand the difficult situation, we apologize for the inconvenience caused, we thank you again and we look forward to seeing you at the gym».

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November 15, 2022 ( edit November 15, 2022 | 7:15 pm)


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The Audace gym bent by smart working: «We have to close, the center of Milan has emptied»

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