The complaint of a 70-year-old: “I’ll tell you about health from a hospital bed, inedible food and needs in the bin”

PORDENONE – The voice is not altered as he recounts his six-day hospitalization at the hospital Saint Mary Of the Angels. Although the tone suddenly rises when he remembers something unpleasant that “shouldn’t happen in 2022”. Marco Argento is 70 years old, with two degrees (one of which in Law) and health knows it well, especially that of Pordenone, because he has lung problems that force him to keep himself under constant control, to use oxygen and to do rehabilitation therapy. “When in 2011 I arrived from Terni to Pordenone, in the Pneumology department, I found a real flagship”. He cites the names of the doctors who followed him, “when I said I was being treated in Pordenone they replied that I was lucky”, he photographs a ward of the past where one did not have to deal with the daily shortage of doctors, nurses and obs. In short, when Santa Maria degli Angeli could count on so many professional skills that they could make a team.

Argento must go to Motta di Livenza for the physiotherapy related to breathing. A path that he did even before Easter, but on March 29 the molecular buffer gave positive outcome for Covid. The 70-year-old was thus taken by Motta to the emergency room of the Pordenone hospital. «I waited from 8.30 to 19 before they took me to the ward – says Argento – and during those long hours of waiting they gave me neither water nor food. When I got to my room it was late for dinner, so I fasted until the next morning. They immediately gave me a drip and the doctor told me that within 3.4 days they would have discharged me even if positive, because I was not sick ». A room for two patients, the one in which he is hospitalized in Covid Medicine and 24 hours later his roommate dies and “I was from 4 am to noon with that lifeless body on the bed next to mine, covered by a sheet , before they took him away. ‘ A bad movie. In the afternoon there is another hospitalization (on average only at night they are from 5 to 8 in the Department of Medicine where the beds are 98 but the patients 135 and where there are two doctors and as many nurses both on the 2nd and 3rd floor, not counting those on maternity or sick leave), and it is the elderly who will die after three weeks of pilgrimage from the hospital to the RSA of Maniago. The same one that his daughter accuses he died for dehydration, even if the medical records tell that when he left the Santa Maria degli Angeli his condition was good.

“The food was inedible – continues Argento -, so much so that I sent back everything and my neighbor, who could not feed himself, too. But no one has ever asked why the trays came back full ». Lunches and dinners are provided by an external company, because there has been no canteen in the hospital for some time. “And I assure you that there are no chairs or tables in the room, there is no bathroom either. So both for oxygen and for structural reasons they gave me the parrot or the comfortable chair, then emptied the contents into a container that was inside the room and they cleaned up only in the morning“. Tasks that, it should be noted, are not the responsibility of the medical or nursing staff. «The osss carried the trays and that’s it – he reiterates -, without saying or asking for anything. And then they came back only to take them back, always full ». Bitterness is not a feeling that Argento hides when his story becomes a denunciation: «Everything is missing … but above all there is a lack of will to do something as if they had all given up. The human aspect is often missing. And then certain things shouldn’t happen in 2022 ». Working in a Covid ward means being subjected to constant pressure, shifts that never end and that often stretch out to make phone calls to relatives who, unable to enter the hospital, wait to know how their father, mother, grandfather or the uncle. It means struggling every day with the disease made more serious by loneliness.

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The complaint of a 70-year-old: “I’ll tell you about health from a hospital bed, inedible food and needs in the bin”

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