The doctor under investigation and the doses flushed down the toilet: “I pretended to vaccinate the Giorgi family”

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The investigation and the reports by Daniela Grillone: ​​«Madame is not my patient but if she appears in the list I certainly didn’t vaccinate her… Giorgi was asking for false attestations of all vaccines»

“I am shocked and remorseful for my actions.” Thus begins the long confession of Daniela Grillone57 years old, the doctor from Vicenza arrested last February with the accusation of having pretended to vaccinate hundreds of health professionals, entrepreneurs, law enforcement… and VIPs. Two names above all: the tennis player Camila Giorgi and the singer Francesca Calearo, aka Madame, which is expected in Sanremo in a few weeks. Both, together with twenty-two other people, are being investigated for false ideology. Among them, a second doctor, the nephrologist Erich Goepel, defended by the lawyer Massimo Malipiero.

The conversion

In the interrogations of recent months, Grillone lets himself go: “I’m not no vax,” he explains to the prosecutor. «I believed in the usefulness of the vaccine. Unfortunately, after the two doses that I self-administered, I saw that sores appeared on my body and I had heavy side effects”. His conversion would have matured by talking to a doctor-surgeon: «He convinced me that the reaction was a consequence of the doses (…) She asked me to perform a bogus vaccine on her and asked to send me some acquaintances who did not want to get vaccinated… And I accepted ». The great “factory” of fake vaccinations began like this: Grillone, assisted by defender Fernando Cogolato, says that the doctor sends her “about thirty” patients. But her word spreads quickly. «Those who were falsely vaccinated, in turn asked to make appointments for relatives and friends, and so the number of subjects grew». The situation gets out of hand: long lines of no vax are formed in front of the studio, to the point that her husband (also under investigation) turns to a supervisory service “in order to regulate the entry of patients”. She meets everyone, and the serum «was thrown into the toilet by me».

“He doesn’t care about health”

His secretaries are intercepted discussing: «He lives in another world… he doesn’t give a damn about anyone’s health (…) God is believed to be almighty… My mother was told that ten people died with adverse reactions! These are the bullshit that she tells (…) It’s all about money ». Faced with the prosecutor, Grillone first denies (“Never asked for money, but patients have often brought me gifts”) then corrects himself: “In any case they could also leave some money but I didn’t ask».
Meanwhile, the VIPs arrive in his studio. To be honest, the doctor doesn’t even know who Madame is: «Francesca Calearo doesn’t tell me anything, she’s not my patient». The prosecutor shows her the seized lists, and then she says that she is probably one of the patients sent to her by the husband of a goldsmith from Grumolo delle Abbadesse “whom I have known for thirty years”.

“Camila asked me to”

Finally he admits: “If it is on the list, I certainly did not vaccinate it, because there was no reason for a patient not mine to come to the studio”. Instead he remembers Camila Giorgi well: «The Giorgi family has been under my care for a long time… in particular Camila suffered from the so-called “tennis elbow” (…) Shortly before the beginning of the summer she had come asking for the possibility of obtaining false attestations of all the mandatory vaccines, as well as the Covid vaccine”. She therefore fixes appointments «for the summer and for the autumn. I can confirm with absolute certainty that none of the vaccines against the Giorgi family was actually administered. In that case I have not received any payment.

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The doctor under investigation and the doses flushed down the toilet: “I pretended to vaccinate the Giorgi family”

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