The EMA wants to approve the vaccine to combat Monkeypox, one has already existed since 2013

You are looking for the right one. A vaccine to combat Monkeypox, which has now become a world health emergency.

Day after day they are ascertained new cases of Monkeypoxor Monkeypox, one disease that is making us enter another pandemic.

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It has declared the director general of the WHO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesusdespite the committee’s opinions were not unanimous. There are already thousands of cases around the worldit’s a particular incidence it is occurring right in Europe. Where we are currently a 12 thousandin the face of further 17,000 diagnoses globally.

The Monkeypox is not a new disease, rather. The “transition” from animal to man was already recorded in the 1950s. But until now it was a limited diseasewhich mainly affected in Africa. The increase in infections, however, has triggered the alert and consequent decisions at an international level. Now vaccine approval is being considered. Here is the situation.

The EMA wants to approve the vaccine to combat Monkeypox, it is the one that has already existed since 2013

As mentioned, Monkeypox is a known disease. However, they exist two variants, one of which is lethal at 10% and the other at 1%. Fortunately, it appears that the one that is spreading is the least harmful. Though some deaths have already been recorded in several countries.

There disease manifests itself with symptoms such as high fever, aches and weakness. But most of all inflammations in genital areas, enlarged lymph nodes and the appearance of blisters, scabs and lacerations of the skin. First on the face and hands, then on the rest of the body.

Contrary to what one might think, Monkeypox is not a sexual disease. Although its currently diffusion it is mostly caused by unprotected relationships. But the disease also spreads to very close contact with i biological fluids of an infected. And through droplets, always with close and prolonged contact. Therefore the risk is the same for everyone.

L’WHO approachand of all the sectors that are dealing with the disease, at the moment it is fortunately more “calm” than what happened with Covid. The focus is mainly on provide correct communication. In order to avoid what happened with AIDS, which activated a dregistration against those who had certain sexual activities.

L’Invitation of the Director of the WHO himself, in fact, is that of pay attention to sexual practices, as well as “rushing to get vaccinated”. Also because fortunately solutions already existand gods vaccines that can protect against infection.

The Monkeypox it is in fact a kind of “Younger brother” of Smallpoxthe terrible disease that has been defeated for decades, thanks to mass vaccination. Experts from EMA’s Human Medicines Committee evaluated the effectiveness of an existing vaccine that was being used for smallpox.

The choice of the vaccine in 2013, what will be the next actions

The Committee of the EMA, as stated in the official press release, “based its recommendation on data from several studies on animals which showed that Imvanex, administered to non-human primates, them protected against the monkeypox virus.

Starting from these studies experiments will then be carried out during the Monkeypox pandemic which is currently present in Europe. In Italy we currently have about 5,000 doses of the vaccine, but more will arrive soon. They will probably be recommended to those deemed most at risk.

There the scientific community agrees with the strategy activated by the WHOor that of to contain a spread of the disease before it becomes a less manageable problem. There is indeed no shortage of concerns about possible mutations and the experts are doing everything for to disseminate information and means necessary to keep Monkeypox under control to all countries.

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The EMA wants to approve the vaccine to combat Monkeypox, one has already existed since 2013

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