The gym, the carpenter’s job and that long-dreamed trip to Pag. That’s who Andrea was, who died on the island of fun

RAIN OF SACK – Andrea Bellingardo he would have celebrated his twentieth birthday on August 20. A lively, life-loving young man who believed in friendship. A leader in the group, but never over the top. He loved motorcycles, sports, travel and adventure. A person with his head on his shoulders in spite of his young age, a presence that did not go unnoticed in the group. That classic friend that everyone would like to have. And now he is no longer dead during his first vacation with friends in Croatia. I’m crying for him mother Marina, dad Massimo and older sister Beatrice. Proofs of closeness to the 19-year-old rained on social media. One more than the others contains the essence of this boy. His friend Denis writes: «I don’t think there are words for what we are feeling Andrea, your family, me, your friends. You were one of the nicest, most genuine, sincere, sporty people I ever knew. Your follies, manias, jokes, laughter, will be irreplaceable. The day before this tragedy you told me: I miss you. See you soon in paradise ».

Proximity to Andrea’s family was also expressed by the mayor of Piove di Sacco, Davide Gianella: «There are no words to comment on a mourning of this magnitude. As a father, I don’t even want to think about what his parents are feeling. On behalf of the entire municipal administration, I bring my heartfelt condolences to the Bellingardo family, with the hope that the parents and loved ones of the victim will know how to get up from this terrible tragedy over time “. A part of the company involved in the accident, made up of boys and girls, is resident in Campolongo Maggiore in the province of Venice. «I express my heartfelt condolences to the Bellingardo family on behalf of myself and the administration. We remain at the disposal of the families of Campolongo involved for every need, trusting in a positive and fast clinical evolution of the injured children »added the councilor of Campolongo Mattia Gastaldi.

As soon as the authorization from the Croatian judicial authority arrives, the funeral of the 19-year-old will be celebrated in the parish of Corte da don Antonio Brugnolo. In yesterday’s religious rites, mention was made of what happened and asked to pray for the broken young life.
One of the best-known sports realities in the fraction is the Polisportiva Corte where one of Andrea’s friends plays, who was involved in the accident on Saturday and now, despite not being seriously injured, is in a state of shock. “The Polisportiva clings to the enormous pain of the Bellingardo family for the loss of their son Andrea” commented the leaders of the sports group. Meanwhile, the victim’s parents, as soon as they learned of the tragic accident, ran to Croatia to recognize the body and see his beloved son for the last time.

Andrea had graduated fromDe Nicola Institute of Piove di Sacco and for some time he had started working as apprentice carpenter. He was a sports fan and in particular of fitness, a regular gym-goer, so much so that he posted videos and photos of his increasingly defined physique on his social profiles. But he also loved music, he was fascinated by cars and especially by motorcycles, so much so that he had one of his own. And then he loved the holidays in the company of the large group of friends. In Jesolo above all, where he had also been the last few summers, while this year the group had reached Pag, one of the most popular destinations for young people on the Croatian coast.

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The gym, the carpenter’s job and that long-dreamed trip to Pag. That’s who Andrea was, who died on the island of fun

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