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Pay attention to these substances contained in food, they can be toxic to our health: let’s find out together which are the most dangerous toxins found in food, including those we consume every day.

Junk food (Canva)

What we eat can protect our body from diseases such as diabetes and heart attack, or increase the risk of these diseases exponentially. For this reason, paying attention to the composition of the foods we eat daily is essential. Did you know that in foods commonly available on supermarket shelves are found toxins dangerous for our health? Here’s what they are.

Toxins in food: the list of the most dangerous

Carefully planning our nutrition is essential to ensure that we are consuming healthy and nutritious foods.

Foods that contain toxins
Foods that contain toxins (Canva)


Among the precautions to pay attention to, there are the origin and composition of the foods we buy. Through the diet, in fact, our body assimilates precious substances, which are essential for the proper performance of vital activities.

On the other hand, however, we should avoid consuming those foods that contain toxins dangerous for the body. What are they and why should we stay away from them? Let’s find out together.

Bisphenol A

The reason why it is not recommended to buy food and drinks packed in plastic goes beyond the already important environmental issue. In fact, this habit can have negative consequences on our health.

Inside plastic and metals lies the bisphenol A, a chemical compound that is able to filter from containers and permeate inside food. The risks deriving from the assimilation of this substance mainly concern reproductive health:

  • Alters hormonal function;
  • Harms the fetus;
  • It increases the risk of breast and colon cancer.

Hydrogenated fats

Hydrogenated fats are lipids that undergo a process known as “hydrogenation”, implemented by the food industry to increase food storage times.

During this operation, the consistency of unsaturated fats, which is in a liquid state, is transformed into solid or semi-solid. Hydrogenated fats are generally found in baked goods and industrial confectionery.

What are their effects on our body? These substances can increase the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, myocardial infarction and atherosclerosis.

Added sugars

Finally, added sugars close the list of toxins contained in foods, which we should avoid taking.

These are refined sugars with which foods are enriched. These substances are found within:

What are the risks of taking added sugars? First, these substances cause damage to dental health, leading to the onset of tooth decay. Additionally, they can increase the risk of diabetes and obesity.

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The most dangerous toxins found in food – INRAN

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