There are 5 foods that effectively fight prostate cancer and more

More and more scientific studies ensure that certain foods can effectively fight prostate cancer.

It is not just about generic advice. Of course we have now understood that Leading a balanced life and a healthy diet can do a lot for our health. In addition to this, however, the Scientific studies that they have taken into consideration certain substances.

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The prostate cancer it is a bit of the “scourge” of industrialized countries. This statement alone should make us think. It is precisely the “consumerist” lifestyles that fuel the onset of various health problems. Stress, excesses, a diet consisting of refined foods and / or “junk” are all elements that they undermine the psychophysical well-being of individuals.

In several articles we have found that you need to take a little step back and start again a live according to more natural rhythms. The “mad rush” for success,accumulation of money and ephemeral well-being leads us nowhere. And if the confirmation to these considerations – which could be considered empirical – also comes from ScienceAt that time we have no more excuses. Here’s what the latest research shows.

5 foods to fight prostate cancer, here are what they are

In relation to the cancer to the prostate, many studies confirm that some alimenti am capable of prevent it even up to 80%. This type of health problem arises especially in the male population after 45 years of age. And it is increasingly an accident. The cures existand the survival rate fortunately it is high. But we can also help medicine with just one proper diet.

The scholars they analyzed some substances found in certain foods. And they confirm that their regular intake helps a lot counteract the onset and even the expansion of the tumor. Let’s talk about the prostate, but it also applies to other types of neoplasms.

The merit it would all go to the antioxidantsespecially some types present in green tea, tomatoes, red fruits, grapes and pomegranate. These 5 foods are also very easy to find, and we can easily integrate them into our diet. The antioxidants examined by the Scientific Community are above all 4: epigallocatechins, lycopene, resveratrol and pterostilbene. According to experts, take some in adequate amount helps not only to to preventbut also a block the metastases of the neoplasm.

The results of the studies

The above statements are derived from results of some research carried out (also) by Italian Society of Andrology (IS). During a National Congress held in Rome, the members of the SIA highlighted the benefits of a certain type of dietand the positive implications of supplementing any medications and a balanced diet.

In the report, the studies are cited and illustrated the results obtained from long observations: “A lot of research has highlighted the preventive power of many compounds of natural origin. The most studied are undoubtedly the epigallocatechins and lycopene, substances with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action, contained in large quantities mainly in the green tea is in the tomato. “

It’s still, “In a clinical study involving a group of people at high risk of cancer to the prostate it was seen that those who regularly took epigallocatechins derived from green tea he saw reduced the risk of getting sick by 60% compared to those taking only a placebo substance. The risk can be reduced by up to 80% with an intake of these substances for two consecutive years. “

The theme offood supplementation with synthetic products. It is absolutely recommended as long as it is supervised by the attending physician of the subject. Each individual, in fact, needs a therapeutic plan studied ad hoc and measured according to its momentary and peculiar situation.

(The information in this article is for informational purposes only and concerns scientific studies published in medical journals. Therefore, it does not replace the consultation of a doctor or specialist, and should not be considered for formulating treatments or diagnoses)

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There are 5 foods that effectively fight prostate cancer and more

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