“These are heavy days for me”: a famous person tells the outcome of medical checks

She underwent medical checks for a recently found ailment: the famous character then revealed the diagnosis on Instagram.

Her unusual absence on social media had aroused apprehension in fans where she is one of the influencer most admired and followed Italians. And it could not be otherwise, given the remarkable beauty of her which remains the same as it was years ago, when for a period she was the protagonist of a beloved Mediaset program.

Health problem character (Credits: Instagram)

We refer to Men and women , in which she participated as a suitor when she was only 19 years old. A path that ended in the best way for her, given that she was able to be chosen by the then tronista in office. The two then formed a splendid family also made up of her first child, born from a previous relationship with a football player, and their two daughters Bianca and Azzurra, born respectively in 2017 and 2020.

The crowning of their love took place last May this year with the long-awaited wedding, already postponed due to the Covid pandemic. Lately husband and wife have been on the red carpet of the Venice Festival which, like every year, also welcomes the most famous influencers.

Also this time there was no lack of the usual controversies that have sparked the web and she intervened to have her say through some Ig stories: “I challenge any person, if one day they should ever be invited to the Film Festival, such an important event, to say say no to the invitation “. After the show, as we said, her fans had noticed an unusual absence of her and she wanted to publicly reveal what is happening to her.

“It will take time”: the famous character reveals the medical diagnosis

AND’ Beatrice Valli to surprise everyone with a somewhat unexpected confession: the beautiful wife of Marco Fantini informed the followers of the health problem which she found herself having to deal with in this period. She said she started to warn of sudden dizziness and that she went to the doctor.

The diagnosis was “acute vestibular deficit“, Which involves the sudden stop of the functioning of one or both peripheral vestibular systems. The latter are located in the ear and have the important task of ensure balance. Normally, they collect information about the position and movement of the body to integrate it centrally with visual and proprioceptive cues. Symptoms of this disorder, also known as “labyrinthitis“, They can be dizziness, nausea, pallor, vomiting. The origin is usually due to a virus or to an incorrect circulation in the capillaries of the labyrinth.

In the post published on Instagram, Beatrice Valli writes: “These are very heavy and hard days for me, it will take time, I don’t know how long but I’m putting all of myself to regain the strength and energy that I have always shown you” .

Medical examination tv character (Credits: Instagram)

Happy birthday to Beatrice for a speedy recovery!

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“These are heavy days for me”: a famous person tells the outcome of medical checks

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