This widespread drink would increase the risk of colon cancer but would open a window to this new research

Colon cancer is one of the diseases of most concern. Fortunately, the statistics seem to say that it is not increasing. In any case, it is always good to inquire about this type of intestinal tract cancer. The best therapy for diseases in general is always prevention. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure. It is not only a valid maxim in the medical field, but also in the educational one. Better to prevent certain behaviors, rather than cure them. Treating is the doctor’s own and in some cases the treatment is not pleasant at all. In order not to reach extreme situations, it is better then to eliminate something. Especially what would increase the risk of contracting a certain disease.

Unfortunately, when it comes to changing habits, not everyone agrees. The eating habit, for example, is considered a personal achievement. There is also an important need to satisfy one’s tastes. So there are those who believe that a shot after meals helps digest. Yet science today places great emphasis on potential danger of alcohol in the possible development of tumors. In addition, it would increase the risk of colon cancer, in particular, general alcohol intake. We must also consider how much alcohol can you drink.

The effects of alcohol on the intestine

It would seem that alcohol is responsible for 750,000 cancers in 2020 alone in the world. An impressive figure, especially when you consider that these represent only about 4% of the total. The parts of the body most affected by tumors due to alcohol would be various. It ranges from the liver to the mouth, as well as the larynx, pharynx and esophagus. Predictable situation, given the path that alcohol takes from the mouth to the stomach. However, cancers also include those of the colorectal, breast in women and liver. 75% of these cancers would affect the male population.

This widespread drink would increase the risk of colon cancer but would open a window to this new research

One might think that these figures relate to those who drink a lot. This is partly true, but 100,000 cases belong to those who drink moderately. But why would alcohol cause cancer? It would seem that it is attributable to a link between alcohol and hormonal imbalance. Furthermore, alcohol would more easily dissolve some carcinogenic substances contained in tobacco.

A recent discovery it also highlights the work that experts do to prevent and treat this disease. Colon cancer appears to develop more easily when there is some imbalance in the intestine. The intestine is populated by a large amount of bacteria, which form the microbiota. There is a balance between the good ones and the less good ones. There are billions of bacteria that colonize our intestines.

Among the good bacteria is a family called Erysipelotrichaceae. Well, when colon cancer develops, these bacteria are absent. It is then thought that these could prevent the formation of colon cancer. The solution would be to reintroduce them through probiotics. A discovery that would help restore hope against this nasty disease.

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This widespread drink would increase the risk of colon cancer but would open a window to this new research

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