Timed diet: what to eat and when to lose weight

Let’s find out all about the chronodieta, the so-called diet that is based on hourly feeding. Let’s go and see all the information we have together.

With the arrival of summer we are all focused on the next costume test: we start looking for the diet more appropriate to our lifestyle.

After all, summer is the most awaited time of the year with holidays and relaxation to be immortalized in our photos to share with our friends more or less close. In these photos, in addition to exotic and beautiful places, the aim is to look in great shape.

Timeline: here are the right times to lose weight (Pixabay)

And then off … we begin the research of diet. There are plenty of them, from that of fasting to that of watermelon, passing through that which eliminates all types of carbohydrates. There are something for all tastes.

What is important to understand is that the diet is a serious matter and must be approached very carefully.

What we eat, it must be balanced And respect the requests of our body to avoid it being counterproductive. What you need to know is that sometimes it is enough to eat the right foods at the right times to get excellent results right away.

Chronodiet: here are the right times to lose weight

We start from the principle that the our body is a machine that moves thanks to the calories we provide within meals; removing these calories puts our body in trouble.

So it is important eat balanced at the right times.

The three daily meals, breakfast lunch and dinner they must never be missing in our diet.

It is important to know that the the most important meal is always breakfast. After a long night of sleep, our bodies run out of “fuel”. A rich breakfast gives us the right boost to start the day. This meal, to respect the balance of a diet, must take place between 7 and 9 in the morning.

The morning, it is the time when our metabolism is very active and therefore consumes the food we provide it more quickly. Carbohydrates such as cereals, soy or oat milk or rice, yogurt and fresh seasonal fruit, are the right contribution to give to our body.

The lunch it should be consumed after a few hours, preferably between 12 and 14. On this part of the day, our thyroid is very active and this allows us not to rack up fat. A contribution of carbohydrates such as pasta, perhaps combined with legumes and vegetables, is always recommended.

Chronodiet: here are the right times to lose weight
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (Pixabay)

Fruitthat of the season, it is always an excellent accompaniment even for this meal.

For dinneran advisable time is between 19 and 20. Our metabolism is still active, not like the morning, and others hormones are operational. Among these, one of the most active is that of growth.

A light dinner with good proteins and fats is recommended. An ideal meal would be lean meat or blue fish, all accompanied by a plate of vegetables.

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Timed diet: what to eat and when to lose weight

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