To slim down your legs and reduce rubbing on your flabby thighs, here are 4 toning exercises to do 3 days a week

The gyms have now reopened their doors with their rooms full of manual and ultra-technological tools, where motivational music resounds. In summer, however, the sports offer becomes wider and we can practice water sports, such as SUPor outdoors, such as padel.

Despite this, if we were wrapped in a veil of laziness, we could also opt for a home workout, within the four walls of the house. Here we can recreate a small gym, buying a bench, weights, treadmill or we can simply keep a mat for bodyweight exercises in a corner.

Many of these have as their final goal the reduction of fat accumulations, to show off a toned and lean physique. Among the most critical areas we usually find the belly, with specific training for the abdomen and waist, and the arms, with a specific training to firm the bat ones.

Along with these, then, there are also the legs, thighs included, and they will be the protagonists of today’s article.

To slim down your legs and reduce rubbing on your flabby thighs, here are 4 toning exercises to do 3 days a week

To lose a few centimeters in the entire leg area and firm up the thighs which, flabby and hung, rub annoyingly together, we could perform 4 exercises.

These are entirely free body, without tools, perfect for the living room, fast and can be repeated at least 3 times a week.

Exercise 1

Let’s start with a variant of the very famous squat, that is with 3 sets of 10 (per leg) of “Bulgarian squats”. To perform it correctly we will need a support, such as the sofa.

Positioning ourselves upright and turning away from him, we place the back of one foot on the seat. Then, let’s bend down, keeping the abdomen contracted and the back straight, and slowly ascend.

Exercise 2

We continue the workout by lying on your stomach, stretching your arms at your sides and lifting both legs perpendicular to the floor.

From this position let’s open and close them, crossing them alternately, repeating the alternating movement 10-15 times for a total of 3 series.

Exercise 3

Remaining lying down, let’s turn and raise ourselves on one side, keeping our legs stretched out. We bend the leg that is above and bring it in front by placing the foot entirely on the floor.

At this point, keeping it stretched, we rhythmically raise and lower the extended leg making the adductors of the inner thigh work. We can repeat this movement 10 times per leg for a total of 3 series.

Exercise 4

Finally, to fully stimulate the legs we should not forget about the calves by performing very simple lifts. To do them, let us rest our hands on the wall and lift ourselves on the tip of our toes and then return with the heels supported.

Also in this case we can repeat the movement 10-15 times for a total of 3 repetitions, remembering to keep the buttocks contracted. So, to lose weight in the legs and reduce the rubbing of the thighs, these 4 toning exercises that we could repeat 3 times a week could be useful.

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To slim down your legs and reduce rubbing on your flabby thighs, here are 4 toning exercises to do 3 days a week

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