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TO starting from 9 January 2023, training becomes easier and within everyone’s reach. Fitness+ from Apple is enriched with other innovations to motivate and inspire everyone, absolutely everyone, a start the year with more energy. From the Kickboxing workout to new themes for meditate also in order to improve the sleep qualitythe “Featured Artist” program with music by Beyoncé, new guests for the “Passeggiamo” series. Finally, three new instructors capable of drag even the laziest or most sedentary into the right mood. You don’t need to be trained or even pro. The proposed lessons are accessible to everyone, at any level of training. We talked about it with the organizers and the new trainers, who explained all the news in detail.

«Wherever you are on your journey to health and well-being, Apple Fitness+ makes it easy for users to get started and stay motivated with workouts and meditations that are right for everyone,” he said Jay BlahnikApple’s vice president of Fitness Technologies.

“Whether you want to improve your cardio performance with the new kickboxing workout, move to the rhythm of Beyoncé’s latest hits or relax with a meditation before bed, there is always something suitable for everyone who wants take care of your body And of one’s mind in the new year.”

There are new ways to train and improve your well-being in 2023. Apple Fitness+ has taken care of it, the award-winning fitness and well-being service open to all, which this year has just launched the kickboxinga new type of training full body cardio, with the aim of getting the whole body back in shape in a short time, if the exercises are followed consistently and well guided by the trainer. Kickboxing workouts help exercise all muscles and they are excellent for developing strength, endurance, coordination and balance.

Each workout consists of a series of discrete moves, followed by a final round that combines the newly learned moves into a one-minute interval where you can give it your all. No special tools are required and the sessions last 10, 20 or 30 minutes.

Who are the Fitness+ trainers of 2023

Nez Dally, @Apple Fitness+

Kickboxing training is led by two Fitness+ trainers: Jamie-Ray Hartshornewho users know and love for his HIIT, treadmill and Let’s Run workouts, trained in muay Thai and competed as a pro in Thailand.

There is a special name in the new team of kickboxing trainers: Nez Dally, muay thai fighter who made history by becoming the first woman to compete in Thailand wearing the hijab. In his training sessions he shares his energy as an accomplished athlete to motivate users with every punch, cross and kick.

Since January, in addition to Dally there are two other trainers: Brian Cochrane for the‘HIIT And Jenn Lau for strengthening.

Meditation and Sleep, a new program

It is possible to dissolve tension and reduce anxiety, thanks to the ancient knowledge of meditation: the new meditation program, called Introduction to Meditation and Sleep, is added to the other nine themes in the Apple catalog, all designed to make the practice of mindfulness even more accessible and effective. A simple and natural way to learn to relax before going to bed, taking less time to fall asleep. New sleep meditations will be added every week.

The phases of the program

The program consists of four 20-minute meditations ending with 5 minutes of relaxing music. These meditations, which can be done in any order and at any time, use a variety of techniques to slow down and sleep better and include “Meditation and Sleep: Release”, “Meditation and Sleep: Relax”, “Meditation and Sleep: : Appreciate” and “Meditation and sleep: Visualize”.

Training to the music of Beyoncé

New workouts featuring music by Beyoncé are added to the Featured Artist series, including songs by Renaissance, his latest album, thus bringing his iconic music to the service. Starting Monday, January 9, seven new workouts featuring music from the singer are available: Cycling, Dance, HIIT, Pilates, Strengthening, treadmills and yoga.

The energy and themes of the workouts are inspired by the album’s message, which is to rediscover what makes each person unique and strong. The goal is to motivate the user to better face the new year. Fitness+ will feature two additional “Featured Artist” offerings: Foo Fighters on Monday, January 16 and Bad Bunny on Monday, January 23.

The new collections of Walk

Let’s walk kicks off its fifth season with new guests, including the Golden Globe-nominated actress Jamie Lee Curtisthe host of a nightly talk show Amber Ruffinthe Olympic figure skating champion Nathan Chen and the German actress Nina Hoss. Fitness+ will have two new collections, “Your Fitness rebirth in 6 weeks” And “Increase your Core Training”.

Walking is like therapy: eight great benefits proven by science

Let’s Walk is an inspiring audio experience available on iPhone and Apple Watchdesigned to help people walk more often, accompanied by the voice of some of the personalities most interesting and inspiring people in the world who share anecdotes, photos and music with Fitness+ users.Apple-Fitness-Plus-Time-to-Walk-Jamie-Lee-Curtis.jpegCurtis, a producer, bestselling author, activist and philanthropist, was recently nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in the film Everything Everywhere All at Once. In this walk, Curtis reflects on the importance of embracing life’s most unexpected moments, the transformative power of assisting those in need, and how the death of a beloved public figure led her to a daily ritual of self- reflection.

How much does it cost

There are various ways to train with Apple Fitness+ and can be shared with up to five other family members for the same price, so other people in the family can also easily use the service: It is available as a subscription service at a cost of €9.99 per month or €79.99 per year.

Fitness+ is also included in the plan Apple One Premium which, where available, also offers access to Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and iCloud+ with 2TB of storage; the plan can be shared with five other family members.

Three months of Apple Fitness+ is included with purchase of Apple Watch Series 4 or later, iPhone 11 or later, iPad (9th generation or later), iPad Air (5th generation or later), iPad mini (6th generation or later), 11-inch iPad Pro (3rd generation or later), 12.9-inch iPad Pro (5th generation or later), Apple TV HD, or Apple TV 4K (2nd generation). One month of Fitness+ is included for first-time subscribers.
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Training with Fitness +: how it works, how much it costs and all the 2023 – iO Donna news

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