Tumors, the 8 foods to be included in the health basket to counteract the onset of the disease

Against the onset of tumors it is advisable to take antioxidants through 8 foods with incredible powers. Let’s find out what they are.

Not a miracle but an aid to counteract the onset of cancer. Let’s see which products to include in the health basket.

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The doctors of the Italian Society of Andrology are convinced that prevention is fundamental in relation to the onset of diseases. Cancer is no exception. Periodic checks are the first weapon in the hands of men to defend their health. Blood analysisultrasounds, specialist examinations are recommended by doctors to check periodically that your body is healthy and no pathology risks damaging it. Likewise, according to SIA experts nutrition plays a decisive role in the counteract the onset of diseases, including tumors, or in controlling their spread in the early stages of manifestation. Scholars have come to this conclusion following several studies and, of course, the results are not generalizable in toto but still represent a good starting point.

Cancer and nutrition, the foods to be consumed at the table

According to studies, cancer can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle and adequate nutrition in 40% of cases. Choosing the right foods, therefore, reduces the chances of the onset of cancer, one of the diseases that most afflict people. The top five foods to include in the diet are green tea, tomato, peanuts, grapes and pomegranate.

Let’s start with the beneficial properties of green tea, a powerful antioxidant thanks to epigallocatechin. Such substances reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 60% e 80% with prolonged use for two years. In addition, green tea cleanses the liver, regulates metabolism and helps you sleep better. Let’s continue with grapesrich in resveratrol, a molecule with an antioxidant action capable of inhibit cell progression of the tumor.

And then the tomato, the peanuts, the pomegranate …

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant power of the tomato is an ally against cancer. Lycopenes reduce the chance of getting sick by 12/26%. The pomegranateinstead, it is rich in ellagic acid and helps patients undergoing chemotherapy to stimulate the toxicity of the treatment at the level of cells, tissues and organs.

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To be introduced in the diet, then, peanuts and blueberries which contain pterostilbene which is an antioxidant with remarkable preventive capabilities. We conclude with the last two foods that help prevent the onset of tumors ie garlic and extra virgin olive oil. The latter scientifically guarantees (the meta-analysis dates back to January 2022) the reduction 31% of the cancer risk.

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Tumors, the 8 foods to be included in the health basket to counteract the onset of the disease

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