TV, VR headsets, health, fitness and AI: what we will see (in person) at CES 2023

2023 is the year of the return of CES, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Not that there hasn’t been in previous years, but the 2021 and 2022 editions were definitely not what they were expected to be: the 2021 one, due to the pandemic, took place only remotely and didn’t turn out very well; that of 2022, started under the best intentions, it was crippled by the Omicron variant.

That’s why what has just begun is the year of the return of CES. And returning in style: 4 days, from January 5th to 8th (plus a couple of days reserved for the press), in which practically the entire city of Nevada will be a large open-air event, 186,000 square meters of exhibition space (+50% compared to last year) divided into 3 main areas, a thousand more exhibitors (for a total of 2,400) and over 100,000 visitors expected.

In Vegas we of Italian Tech will also be present: we will follow the event from the morning of January 3rd (in the afternoon, for Italy) and in the last few days we have obviously organized our work to understand what to follow, what to see, which presentations to attend and which stands to visit. Without claiming to exhaust all the topics and net of possible surpriseswhich are always present in these events, here is what we will focus our (and your) attention on.

TVs and projectors

CES has always been the realm of home entertainment and in particular of living room entertainment: that of 2022 saw the debut of new tvs Sony OLED QDs (like this one, which we tried) and Samsung and it is probable that others will emerge this year, which should cost a little less than the first ones, and that we see the new MLA Oled, which instead should cost much, much more and have larger screens and 8K resolution. They are definitely worth keeping an eye on Sony presentations and TCL, which works very well in the mid-marketand also by HiSense.

Also pay attention to projectorsin particular to those with short throws, which have an excellent performance even in small spaces but are still expensive: a brand to look out for is Xgimi, which recently we have tried (and liked) the Aura 4K model.

Virtual reality

It has been said for years, but now it is probably true for real: this year will be the year of the consecration of virtual reality. Better: the year in which it is decided whether it works or not, whether ordinary people care or not, beyond the ideas of Mark Zuckerberg and Meta. It will be because devices will finally arrive that we consumers could buy, at prices that (perhaps) will start to be acceptable: it should be revealed the new headset from Oculus, whether it’s called Project Cambria or notSony will allow to try the PlayStation VR2, which goes on sale from February 22ndand HTC has already announced that it will present the renewed version of the Vive at CES.

We are curious to see them live too XRai Glass, glasses for augmented reality (what’s this?) which in the intentions of the developers would allow you to “see conversations”: you wear them and before your eyes you see the subtitles of what the person in front of you is saying, you have the ability to rewind timereviewing a conversation that happened perhaps a few days before, and also having simultaneous translation in 9 languages ​​(yes, there is also Italian).

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Almost a car show

Another thing that CES has practically always been is a huge space where automakers show the best of the technology that is (or will be) on their models: announcements are expected this year not only by BMW, Hyundai (especially in the field of robotics)Mercedes, Stellantis and others, but also from Bosch, AMD and Qualcomm, who will present the latest integrations between technology, processors and cars.

Artificial intelligence

2022 ended with barrels made by AI like Lensa and ChatGPT (e the apparent absence of Google) and 2023 opens in a similar way: at CES we can expect many announcements and practical demonstrations of what machine learning can do for us and how artificial intelligences could be useful to us in everyday life. Among the many proposals, we have made an appointment with those of Vasco, which will lead to Las Vegas the Translator V4, which is a bit of the heir of the translator we had tried last June: Use AI to understand 108 languages ​​and translate “with a 96% accuracy level” voice, photos and texts.

More in line with the promises of LaMDA, ChatGPT, Dall-E2 there is instead, Italian scale-upborn in Milan in 2021 and which today already has 60 employees, specializing in AI-based solutions for the generation of multimedia content aimed at companies and the world of advertising.

What does Italy do?

At CES 2023, those of are hosted in the Italy Pavilion inside Eureka Park, together with another fifty startups from our country, who in Las Vegas will be able to meet journalists, investors and potential customers arriving from all over the world. Among the many, among those who have developed a cover for smartphones with a display to display personalized graphics, shin guards with sensors that detect the wearer’s actions and plays, a biometric unlocking device with brain waves, what has attracted our attention is it was Tuscany Vision Airwho invented a wearable air purifier, a sort of visor (less invasive than Dyson’s) which should somehow remove pollutants and viruses from the face and respiratory tract. At CES, 3 working prototypes are exhibited: we will try to understand how to use them, perhaps trying one in the midst of thousands of visitors.

In general, attention to the health and the Welfare seems to be one of the key themes of this edition of the show (and given the previous two years, it could not be otherwise): That of the fitness to do at home remains a trend unstoppableborn in the middle of the pandemic and continued until today with the involvement of big names like Nike and Netflix, and it is probable that we will see novelties in this field. Just as it is highly probable that there will be announcements from companies engaged in the field of monitoring virtual parameters of people, such as Withings or like the Belgian startup HeartKinetics, which started with solutions dedicated to Space and the remote control of astronauts’ hearts and now develops them for everyone. Even without going on a trip to Mars.

What about smartphones?

On the contrary, it is highly unlikely that anything really significant will be seen at CES regarding telephony. Especially for two reasons: because now big companies, like Apple and Google, have their own events for these things (this is also the case with OnePlus and Samsung, with specific announcements expected in the coming weeks); because between the end of February and the beginning of March there is the Mobile World Congress of Barcelona, which is all about smartphones. We will obviously be there too, but we’ll talk about it again towards spring.

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TV, VR headsets, health, fitness and AI: what we will see (in person) at CES 2023

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