Unbelievable, ‘Simple’ Flu Vaccine Seems to Reduce Stroke Risk, Study

Can a flu shot also protect against diseases it was not designed for? According to a study, yes.

Thereinterest towards i benefits – or not – gods vaccines it is increasing and the Researchers are getting interesting information. Here is what a recent study-observation reveals.


And of very recent publication one very interesting study examining the effects of the flu shot. In addition to those for which it was designed, which is to protect from the flu.

At the moment there is no obligation to get vaccinated against the flubut therapy is highly recommendedto all subjects. Even to pregnant women, small children and people of all ages. Subject to individual exceptions, of course.

Surely protecting yourself from the flu can be helpful in some situations, such as old age or a syndrome that causes low immunity. But the scientists went “further” and asked themselves a question: can a flu shot to protect also from other diseases? Here is what was observed.

The “simple” flu shot appears to reduce the risk of stroke, the study

Matching a flu vaccine to a serious event like stroke can seem strange. It is not clear why scholars have glimpsed one correlation between these two things, but for sure they investigated and something came out.

In a recent publication appeared in the scientific journal Neurology we find the results of an observation study. The author of this study is Francisco J. de Abajo, MD, MPH, Ph. D., of the University of Alcalá in Madrid, Spain. According to his conclusions there may be one “Cause and effect” between flu vaccination and a lower risk of having an ischemic stroke.

As we know stroke is one of the most relevant health issues in the world. It affects millions of people every year e causes major damage, disability and also death. Therefore, it is one very expensive social disease. Also because those who heal often manifest irreparable damage and around the subject must shoot various types of protection, care and assistance.

The Abajo staff has examined the data taken from a database which showed the statistics of vaccinated and unvaccinated people. The events of Stroke and the subjects who had never had it were taken into consideration. The experts adjusted the parameters taking into account the fact that the elderly (therefore at higher risk) were among those vaccinated.

By combining all the data, it seems that after the flu vaccination, the subjects “got” even a 12% lower risk of having a stroke. The same data were also compared with another type of vaccine, the pneumococcal one. In this case, no “benefit” for the stroke was found.

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THE researchers I am excited of this “discovery”, but in conclusion they cannot say that the flu vaccine “is good for stroke”. However, this is a first observation that may be expanded by other studies.

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Unbelievable, ‘Simple’ Flu Vaccine Seems to Reduce Stroke Risk, Study

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