Veneto, specializing as family doctors. “It’s a necessity, they’ll have a tutor.” Salaries, clients, differences

Would you be treated by a doctor, that is, by a medical graduate who does not yet have a specialization? Would you accept him as a family doctor or in the emergency room? In any case, would he work for free as a trainee since he is specializing or would he be paid? These questions take hold after the regional councilor for health of Veneto, Manuela Lanzarinsurprised una series of amendments to the law for the regulation of health policies, proposals that have triggered a severe political controversy. The topic will be addressed next week in the fifth commission. Three measures: 1) a law expired at the end of the year is proposed again so that doctors who have worked 4 years in the emergency room can participate in competitions even if they do not have the specialty; 2) the incompatibility of the trainees for the emergency room is removed (today only the medical guards can work), which means that they can be hired on a fixed-term basis or with a free professional contract; 3) to avoid outsourcing, the payment for the additional activity of the doctors employed in the emergency room is increased to 100 euros gross per hour. The general manager of the Health of the Veneto Region, Luciano Flor, he talks about it in this interview.

Doctor Flor, is it legitimate to employ doctors as family doctors?

«Yes, it is foreseen by the national collective agreement of general medicine. The agreement says that a resident doctor, what you call a doctor, can have up to 650 patients. A resolution would have been enough to increase the number of assisted persons, but the Veneto Region has decided to give certain and future stability with a law ».

The reason?

“There is a lack of general practitioners, in Veneto we had 3,300, today we are 2,560. To these are added 195 provisional doctors, of which 62 are trainees and 80 are temporary, all of whom are trainees. This is to say that the doctors are already employed as general practitioners ».

Isn’t that a stretch?

“It is a necessity and a common theme throughout Italy, so much so that last April 28 there was the go-ahead in the Chamber of Deputies. Other than blitz of the Veneto. The debate between the various Regions is on the quantum: 500/650 as now or more? “.

So is the news on the number of clients?

“Yes, given the emergency situation, the Veneto Region provides for a maximum of 1,000 people assisted for the first year postgraduates and 1,200 for the following years”.

How many patients do normal general practitioners have?

“1,500. On a voluntary basis it can be reached 1,800 ».

Isn’t it risky to entrust patients to a novice doctor?

«A tutor is foreseen for doctors in the first year of specialization, he will never be alone. However, I want to remember that medical graduates, even without specialization, can already work in the medical guards, the so-called Continuity of assistance ».

Are doctors obliged to be general practitioners?

“No, it’s on a voluntary basis.” Would they work for free? “Absolutely not”.

How Much Do Normal GPs Take?

“There is a capital fee and an ancillary fee, a general practitioner with 1,500 patients receives 105 thousand euros gross per year, net of additional services”.

How much would the doctors take?

«With 650 assisted 55 thousand euros gross a year, keeping the scholarship. They are paid exactly like all general practitioners ».

What if the number of clients increases to 1,000 or 1,200?

“About 80 euros per client”.

How are the other regions moving? “Like us, Tuscany, for example, has already brought forward this provision”.

Let’s move on to the emergency room: the trainees here too?

“We already had a regulation that expired on December 31, 2021 and which we propose again and which says it can use, with adequate training and support, the medical specialists. The salary? Like the dependent doctors ».

How many doctors are missing in the emergency rooms?

“We have put out 125 places, we have recruited 30”.

How do you cover the shifts?

«The theme is: before arriving at the cooperative, use the trainees and give more money to our doctors. And in any case, the Calabria decree has allowed us to hire postgraduates for three years, this is nothing new. We simply transfer what is already in practice into law. I’m surprised someone does barrel fish. ”

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Veneto, specializing as family doctors. “It’s a necessity, they’ll have a tutor.” Salaries, clients, differences

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