We could improve gut and brain health by lowering cholesterol and blood sugar simply with this seasonal food

The moves made at the table every day are among those that most affect our health. A healthy and balanced diet, in fact, could help fight common health problems such as high cholesterol and blood sugar. To obtain this result, however, it is not enough just to eliminate fatty or sugary foods from the diet, but it must be supplemented with foods that can support this purpose. For example, the purifying and draining effects of artichokes on fatty liver and legumes on intestinal motility are known.

And a legume is the food thanks to which we could improve the health of the intestine with effects on cognitive health and cholesterol and sugar levels.

Spring classic

Belonging to the Fabaceae family, broad beans are the seeds of the Vicia Faba plant.

This typically spring legume could prove to be a faithful health ally from many points of view. First of all, the many vitamins such as A, C and those of group B perform important antioxidant actions and improve metabolism. In the beans, then, there are many minerals such as iron but also calcium and phosphorus, known allies of bones and teeth.

Furthermore, it would seem that the isoflavones contained in the beans could act as a reinforcement in the prevention of some tumor pathologies.

However, in addition to the fibers, the phytosterols contained in the beans would exert effects on cholesterol and blood sugar levels. These plant-based chemical compounds are often used in supplements for their ability to reduce the buildup of bad cholesterol (LDL).

But beans would not only improve gut health by making it work better but would also support brain health. This would happen thanks to a particular amino acid, the levadopauseful for promoting cognitive functions and preventing their deterioration.

We could improve gut and brain health by lowering cholesterol and blood sugar simply with this seasonal food

Broad beans can be eaten in many ways cooked and raw. A good idea to take the many fibers present and help the intestine and brain could be a simple cream. For example, we can recreate a tasty hummus by replacing the chickpeas with broad beans.

After blanching the beans, place them in a blender together with oil, lemon, garlic, parsley, mint and tahini sauce.

We mix everything to have a healthy snack based on beans rich in vitamins and antioxidants that are good for health.

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We could improve gut and brain health by lowering cholesterol and blood sugar simply with this seasonal food

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