We should stop consuming these foods which would be real killers of our health

Attending one evening to a very interesting interview with an Italian dietician, also linked to the world of sport, there was talk of dangerous foods for health. In addition to analyzing what are the real foods and the list of those that we could cross out from our table, two fundamental concepts were reiterated. Today, compared to years ago on our tables, we all make two mistakes: eating for stress and eating the things that we can prepare faster. According to experts, both of these actions hide a habit that many of us Italians would have too often: that of eating at random. With consequent and visible negative results not only on the scale and on the diet, but also above all on general health. So let’s find out which foods should be set aside immediately according to the experts.

A fairly long and extremely modern list

We should stop consuming these foods, also remembering that childhood obesity is on the rise. Objectively, we smile when our grandmothers remember that they live a hundred years after growing up on bread, butter and jam. Especially when they hear that butter is one of the most dangerous foods for cholesterol and heart health. They get so angry, and almost take it personally. On the other hand, they blame us, accusing us of making our children, or their grandchildren, eat too much crap. Unfortunately, starting with breakfast, globalization has brought all the good things of God to our tables. Even products such as snacks, cakes and snacks of all kinds that would not be the best of health. As also mentioned in this medical office, will also be comfortable snacks and brioches in the morning, but it would be preferable to go back to bread or toasts with jam. To try to limit all the added fats and sugars that would not be good for our body at all.

We should stop consuming these foods which would be real killers of our health

If butter is for snacks, milk and wine are for the whole sector of carbonated and sugary drinks. Also in this case a heated derby could open with our grandmothers, but above all the grandparents. Faithful to tradition and the free-range goodness of wine and milk, they lash out at carbonated, sweetened and additive-filled drinks. We still remember today, that when we were little and went to eat with our grandparents, the best drink we could find was the legendary cedar. Otherwise, we traveled with the classic glass of milk and why not, with water and a drop of wine. The whole world of juices, soft drinks and sugary drinks could harm our body due to excess sugar and calories.


It would not only be the abuse of salt and cured meats to make the pressure skyrocket but also these foods increasingly used and purchased by Italians

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We should stop consuming these foods which would be real killers of our health

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