West Nile, hospitalization alarm in Padua: ascertained cases rise to 49 (more than those of Covid)

PADUA – In just over 20 days, the Hospital – University of Padua had to face a wave of hospitalizations for West Nile virus. The emergency linked to the “Nile fever” continues to cause concern in the Paduan area, so far they are 49 cases ascertained of positivity found throughout the territory. Maximum commitment on the assistance front by via Giustiniani. The hospital has so far provided medical treatment to 19 virus-positive patients. Currently 12 hospitalized, six discharged and one patient has been taken care of on an outpatient basis.

West Nile, third dead in Italy: he is an elderly man in the Ferrara area. Two other suspected cases in the Treviso area

The contagion spreads

“In recent days, the pressure of West Nile on the hospital structures has progressively increased – says the general manager, Giuseppe Dal Ben -. From a few single cases, which could be considered sporadic, today we are more than 10 people hospitalized, 12 to be exact, in an age group from 30 to 80 years. In the last three days alone, we have had eight confirmations of positivity in patients who have been hospitalized for severe symptoms of West Nile at our facilities ». The infection, therefore, it continues to spread. “I have to thank the staff of the analysis laboratory, which is working at full capacity in order to be able to confirm these suspected cases as soon as possible – adds Dal Ben – these are patients who enter the hospital with a malaise often widespread, with the typical symptoms of a strong flu, sometimes with neurological phenomena also combined. It is good to call to caution, the disease in this period is no joke, with a patchy spread throughout the territory, perhaps also favored by the weather conditions “.


There is no specific therapy for West Nile fever. In most cases, the symptoms go away on their own after a few days or can last for a few weeks. In the most serious cases, the recovery in hospital, three patients were admitted to intensive care in the hospital. The others (with fever, neurological symptoms or mild encephalitis) were placed in the care of the wards Infectious diseases you hate Neurology. “In the infectious diseases department we were very focused on Covid – comments the director Annamaria Cattelan – but these days West Nile has supplanted the previous virus by attendance, now engaging a lot of energy in our department. Currently there is no therapy of choice, we treat the symptoms and in the case of meningitis and meningoencephalitis we intervene with ad hoc drugs to contain the effects on the central nervous system ».

The controls

The invitation is not to ignore the alarm bells. «It is better not to postpone the arrival at the hospital, in case it is important fever with headache, nausea, vomiting, or confusion. The disease also affects young people, but the advanced ages are the ones most at risk, therefore the great elderly – continues Dr. Cattelan -. Vaccines are being studied, which could be very useful, but at the moment we are based on prevention ». The incubation period from the time of the infected mosquito bite varies between 2 and 14 daysbut it can be as long as 21 days in people with a deficiency in the immune system.

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West Nile, hospitalization alarm in Padua: ascertained cases rise to 49 (more than those of Covid)

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