West Nile, Padua epicenter of the virus in Veneto: 49 confirmed cases. The entrepreneur Mariano Bellamio died

West Nile is transmitted by mosquitoes

“In recent days, the pressure from West Nile on the hospital facilities has progressively increased. From some single case, which could be considered sporadic, we are now more than 10 hospitalized people, 12 to be exact, in an age group from 30 to 80 years. In the last three days alone we have had eight confirmations of positivity in patients we have hospitalized for severe symptoms of West Nile in our facilities ». THEThe general manager of the hospital, Giuseppe Dal Ben, confirms the trend of the phenomenon and the location. Adding the data of the Company to those of the USL, we arrive at about twenty hospitalized for West Nile (fevers or, in the most serious cases, encephalitis). With 49 cases ascertained so far between city and province, moreover, the Paduan is confirmed as the epicenter in Veneto of the virus isolated for the first time in Uganda in 1936 (in the Ugandan district of West Nile, in fact).


These are patients – again Dal Ben – who enter the hospital with an often widespread malaise, with the typical symptoms of a strong flu, sometimes with neurological phenomena combined. It is good to call to caution, the disease in this period is no joke, with a patchy spread throughout the territory, perhaps also favored by the weather conditions “. Anna Maria Cattelandirector of the complex unit for infectious diseases of the hospital, adds: “In the infectious diseases department we were very focused on Covid, but in these days West Nile has supplanted the previous virus by attendance, now committing a lot of energy from our department. Currently there is no therapy of choice, we treat the symptoms and in the case of meningitis and meningoencephalitis we intervene with ad hoc drugs to contain the effects on the central nervous system ». Cattelan adds a piece of advice: “It is best not to postpone the arrival at the hospital if you have severe fever with headache, nausea, vomiting, or confusion. The disease also affects young people, but it is the advanced ages that are most at risk, therefore the great elderly. Vaccines are being studied, which could be very useful, but at the moment we are based on prevention ».

The entrepreneur Bellamio died

And Padua, in the meantime, also records another victim. Died Mariano Bellamio, after contracting the West Nile virus. The entrepreneur and patron of the Paduan baseball has passed away due to cardiocirculatory arrest. Born in Grisignano di Zocco, when he was very young he made his apprenticeship in a “workshop” in Padua. Over the years the satisfactions came. Together with his wife Paola Fincato he took care of the growth of the two daughters Sabrina and Katia, who were accompanied by the successes in the company: first in the house where he lived for over half a century in via del Bigolo with the workshop on the ground floor, then in the artisan shed in Limena. He owes all the Paduan baseball to him: the Padova Baseball Softball Club in fact assumed the name Bellamio from 1979 to 2007. The funeral v Friday 5 August at 10.30 at the Church of San Carlo Borromeo.

First cluster in the Venetian

A new confirmed case of West Nile Virus infection was registered snche by the health professionals of the USL 3: the infected person is a 55-year-old man living in Camponogara. It is symptomatic but for now it does not require hospitalization. The new case concerning the territory of Camponogara is added to a previous case in the same area. «After the first isolated cases – underlines ihe director of the prevention department of the USL 3 Vittorio Selle – now we are facing the first “cluster ‘” in the territory of our healthcare company. Having detected the “cluster”, foreseeable and expected due to the particular climatic conditions of this summer, we have notified the Municipality of Camponogara and the procedures for a targeted disinfestation action have already been started: to the contrast activities carried out routinely with larvicidal actions, now a special disinfestation is added, aimed at targeting the adult specimens of mosquitoes ». Just today, 3 August, a further provision of the Region came out “which reaffirms the guidelines for combating the West Nile Virus – continues Selle – this further provision once again underlines how adulticidal actions must be reserved for particular cases, including a “Full-blown cluster” ». The note reiterates that we speak of “clusters” when there are “two or more cases that occur within a radius of 2 km in a time interval of fifteen days from the beginning of the symptoms “.

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West Nile, Padua epicenter of the virus in Veneto: 49 confirmed cases. The entrepreneur Mariano Bellamio died

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