What happens to someone who eats broccoli and honey with diabetes at 100? Incredible

Those with diabetes should prefer honey to sugar. According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine the natural one lowers blood sugar. But be careful because both must be consumed very carefully with high glucose. Broccoli is rich in sulfuraphane which is an antioxidant capable of lowering blood sugar levels.

What not to eat with diabetes at 100? We must prefer rice, bread and wholemeal pasta instead of refined products. These are foods that undergo different manufacturing processes in order to be easy to use and take. In particular, they are all ready meals such as breakfast cereals, fish and chicken fingers, meatballs, sugary drinks and fruit juices, crisps, sweets and warm but not fresh bread. Eating too many of them risks an increase in blood sugar and cholesterol and consequently cardiovascular disease. So beware of white bread, crackers and breadsticks.

Is broccoli good for people with diabetes? Among the vegetables that nutritionists recommend to diabetics are those with a low glycemic index. In particular those with green leaves such as lettuce, spinach and rocket, cabbage and cauliflower but also vegetables such as courgettes, peppers, tomatoes and aubergines. In addition to being good for those with diabetes, broccoli has a detoxifying effect on our body. In fact, they possess glucoraphanins which act on the molecules that are prone to toxicity and push them to be eliminated from our body. All this is very good for the liver because waste substances but also fats to be eliminated generally accumulate there. Broccoli also has many fibers (3%) and lots of water (90%). For this reason they are considered a vegetable with a detox effect. In other words, they help to easily eliminate toxins from our body by purifying and purifying it.

How to cook broccoli with diabetes? The site diabetes.net recommend the sauteed broccoli. After having washed and drained them, they are poured into a pan after having fried oil, garlic and chilli pepper. Cook them for about 45 minutes on low heat with a lid on the pan. Once cooked, they should be served still hot. One serving contains 187 calories with 5 grams of carbohydrates, as many proteins and three times as many fats. Alternatively, they can also be steamed. In this case, the end result will be a plate of vegetables that has not lost its nutrients in the liquid in which it was prepared. In particular there will not be the very excessive loss of vitamin C which is always very good for diabetics.

Who shouldn’t eat honey? It has many calories and for this reason it is not suitable for those who are overweight or obese. It is also not recommended for children under one year of age as there is a risk of infection with botulinum toxin. Excessive use leads to nutritional imbalance as it contains simple sugars. There is also tooth decay and increased blood sugar. Acacia honey seems to be the most digestible. Some experts recommend it for the stomach and intestines as it has laxative and even anti-inflammatory properties.

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What happens to someone who eats broccoli and honey with diabetes at 100? Incredible

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