What to eat for breakfast: These are the perfect foods to boost energy and good mood

What to eat for breakfast for increase energy and start our day with one dose of good cheer? Here is the list of perfect foods to better face our daily life.

Never underestimate breakfast. Considered by many the basic mealin fact it is a moment of the day that is impossible to skip: without this meal, we will not be able to count on the nutrients we need to face our daily activities.

Indeed, it is known that after prolonged fasting caused by sleep night, we need the right nutrients to increase our energy reserves.

Yet, it’s also a time of day when many people make tons of mistakes. Indeed, it’s not always easy to choose the best foods and what to eat for breakfast to be able to count on the right amount of energy and good mood.

Because it is known that what we eat for breakfast has the power to improve mood (or worsen it, if wrong choices are made).

What to eat for breakfast? These are the perfect foods to boost energy and good mood

When choosing what to eat for breakfast, if the goal is to increase energy and good mood, you should give space first of all to complex carbohydrates.

Exaggerating with very sugary foods at breakfast is profoundly wrong, because the choice of foods containing them, such as snacks, brioches and industrially produced fruit juices, can cause spikes in blood sugar levels. And glycemic peaks, in addition to being harmful to health, also cause a decrease in mood.

Conversely, complex carbohydratescontained in cereals and whole foods, they help improve mood and make us feel better. This is because this type of product and food allows you to better regulate blood sugar levels, eliminating the risk of glycemic peaks.

Green light, therefore, a cereals, biscuits and other foods that contain whole grain flours. Their high fiber intakein addition to regulating blood sugar, increase our energy reserves and they allow us to feel full for longer.

Science has also given the green light to the consumption of foods rich in omega-3 at breakfast. In fact, it is known that these fatty acids are very useful for counteracting a bad mood.

What to eat for breakfast for a good dose of energy and good mood through omega-3? For those who love sweet breakfasts, i oilseeds they are perfect to add to whole grains. To be preferred those of chia, which also provide omega-6. Alternatively, too the flax seeds they are an excellent source of omega-3s.

Also oats and some fruits, such as berriesare a great source of these good fats.

For those who, on the other hand, prefer a savory breakfast, fish such as tuna and salmon contain high doses of omega-3s.

What to eat for breakfast to increase energy and good mood: the role of soy

In the event that there are no particular medical conditions that prevent its use, soy is also a fundamental ally. For those wondering what to eat for breakfast to boost energy and good mood, soy products are one of the best alternatives.

Soy contains high amounts of tryptophanthe so-called ingredient of happiness, which promotes the improvement of mood. It is in fact a precursor of serotonin, also known as the hormone of happiness.

Soy-based foods are also rich in isoflavones, plant compounds that prevent disease. And to make matters worse, they deliver a good supply of dietary fiberof which we have already explored the benefits.

Obviously, a bit like all foods, even those based on soy have contraindications. Among the best known, any intestinal disorders when soy is abused, as well as any and possible thyroid problems caused by the phytoestrogens it contains.

However, with a view to moderate consumption and a well-balanced dietsoy brings more benefits than anything else.

What to eat for breakfast? Fruits and vegetables for a load of vitamins and minerals

Finally, among the foods to eat for breakfast to increase energy and good mood we should necessarily evaluate the inclusion of a portion of fruit and/or vegetables.

These are products that contribute to our body huge amounts of vitamins and minerals needed to keep us healthy.

Wherever possible, with regards to the vegetables, better to choose the green leafy one. Among the best fruits, however, we remember the Kiwivery useful because its consumption improves the assimilation of fundamental components such as iron and calcium, and consequently increases the sense of energy.

For lovers of dried fruit, however, we recommend the almonds: source of magnesium, they help to ward off tiredness and bad mood.

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What to eat for breakfast: These are the perfect foods to boost energy and good mood

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