Where do you store tap water to drink it at the table? Be careful, you could seriously risk the health of the whole family

Do you also have the habit of storing tap water like this? Maybe you should know one thing, it affects your health.

Tap water and bottled water are different, everyone knows that, but one thing you should know. Many people think that tap water can be kept in bottles for a long time. However, not everyone is aware of some things that can put our health and that of our family at risk.

Tap water conserve
Preserve tap water – Mammeincucina.it

There are those who prefer to drink bottled water, the one you buy at the supermarket, instead of tap water, because they consider it less safe and less controlled. Also the water flowing from the taps is checked, must comply with certain microbiological, physico-chemical, radiological and organoleptic parameters which are set by the regulations.

So we should be calm about this, but instead we need to know how to store it correctly. All that remains is to know what you risk if you keep tap water in the bottle.

Be careful if you store tap water in the bottle!

Water is a basic necessity, it is important to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water a day, it brings many benefits to our body. Not everyone prefers tap water, they prefer to buy bottled water.

Tap water conserve
Preserve tap water – Mammeincucina.it

Indeed how reported by the Veronesi Foundationonly 29.3% of the Italian population drinks tap water, because for consumers tap water is considered of poor quality.

It is not quite correct to say this, both thetap water and bottled water are subjected to strict controlsso in both cases you can rest assured.

What concerns is the conservation of tap water in bottles, is it correct to put water in bottles? The answer is partly true. Tap water can be kept in bottles or flasks as long as it doesn’t stay longer than 24 hours.

If the water stays for several days, not throwing it in the sink is a waste! Rather water the plants or use it for cleaning at home!

It would be preferable to put thewater in glass bottles, or in glass, stainless steel and non-plastic bottles! Don’t fall into the temptation to reuse plastic mineral water bottles, for example, because they are certified safe for a single use.

After drinking the water present in the plastic water bottles, they must be trashed immediately! Tap water, on the other hand, can be stored in glass or stainless steel bottles and flasks, the secret lies in letting the water flow from the tap for a few seconds and when it gets nice and fresh, proceed with the filling. Close tightly with its cap to reduce contact with the environment and potential microorganisms.

Let her bottles and flasks should be washed regularly, so as not to encounter unpleasant surprises. Only in this way will the accumulation of microorganisms be avoided. This was confirmed by a recent study published in the Journal of Excercise Physiology Online.

Water bottles in particular can be contaminated by algae, fungi, moulds, bacteria, spores and more. So our advice is to periodically wash bottles and flasksjust fill them with warm water and vinegar, close with the cap, shake several times. Leave to act and after an hour proceed to wash with water and dish detergent.

In alternative to water bottle and bottle you can use filter jugs, they are really useful, they also remove the smell of chlorine and eliminate any residues of organic materials. Always read the instructions in the maintenance booklet.

So now you have a clearer idea, tap water can’t be kept in bottles and canteens for a long time.

Also remember that moving towardsHowever, tap water has environmental benefits, plastics are reduced, which is no small thing, and CO2 emissions related to the transport of bottles and their disposal are reduced. Not only that, you save money on buying bottled water.

For any clarification, every citizen can find out about the chemical-physical characteristics of the water arriving at home on the water manager’s website.

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Where do you store tap water to drink it at the table? Be careful, you could seriously risk the health of the whole family

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