A girl remains partially blind after looking at her cell phone in the sun

This is the case of a 20-year-old who suffered eye damage after being on the beach and using her smartphone for a few hours. A 30-year-old man also had a similar problem after reading for four hours on his tablet.

We all know that using smartphones in the dark can hurt your eyes, but perhaps only a few are aware of the fact that doctors are warning against ocular damage that can result. from using your cell phone in the sun. The latest case that supports the experts’ thesis is that of a 20-year-old in Spain, who partially lost her sight after being on the beach and using her smartphone for a few hours. Doctors diagnosed her a solar maculopathyan eye disease that usually occurs in people who look directly at the Sun, or observe an eclipse without sunscreens, but which in the case of the young woman was caused by sunlight reflected off the mobile device screen. The patient explained that she had never looked directly at the sun, but she reported having read her cell phone with her for 3 hours.

The clinical examinations, detailed in an article published on Journal of Medical Case Reportsthey showed a small lesion to the macula (a small queen in the center of the retina) of each eye, more prominent in the right eye, or bilateral damage caused by the absorption of part of the retina of radiant energy. Initially, the injury resulted in symptoms such as glare and decreased vision, which then evolved into a central scotomaa blind spot in the central visual field that has persisted in the right eye, causing a permanent reduction of central vision.

Also in Spain, a similar case involved a 30-year-old man, who for four hours used his tablet on the sunny terrace of a ski resort, showing in both eyes a solar maculopathy which then evolved into one. bilateral central scotomawhich however gradually decreased until complete resolution.

Spanish ophthalmologists have called for greater awareness on the potential risks of indirect sun damage to the eyesunderlining the importance of wearing sunglasses “with appropriate filter”When reading from the screens of devices in environments where solar radiation can be reflected by the displays.

When the glare makes it difficult to read on the screen of a mobile device, the user can avoid the reflected light simply by tilting the display, but when the source of the noise is the surrounding diffuse light, the user tends to increase the brightness of the screen by receiving however the reflected radiation – the doctors specify -. The reflection of sunlight from a viewing screen instead it must be considered a possible risk factor due to the increase in solar radiation and the consequent risk of solar maculopathy“.

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A girl remains partially blind after looking at her cell phone in the sun

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