Alexa turns 4! Here is how much it has evolved and the gift it gives to all users to download

Alexa turned 4! Yes, 4 years have passed since its first release in Italy. It was 2018 and since then, from that first ‘cry’ of hers, Alexa has generated the beauty of over 17 billion of interaction especially allowing the Italians who have used it to save over 6 million hours in 2022 alone. Staggering numbers for the queen of Amazon who stands out for her great company that makes it to Italian users and who for 4 years has fun and surrendered practically irreplaceable in making the days simpler but also better organized.

Alexa: 100 of these days yet!

If you are thinking of understanding how much Alexa actually helps Italians in everyday life, you should know that only in this 2022 the Amazon assistant was recalled well 800 million times to set alarms and timers, ben 120 million times for reminders And 45 million times to create a shopping list. And if this were not enough to understand the potential of Alexa, also know that with the assistant the beauty of over 28 million of calls. Italians also rely on Alexa to know weather forecasts and this happened 135 million times in 2022, or for help in the kitchen: result? 8 million recipes requests, and among the most popular are the carbonara, pancakes and tiramis.


Of these first 4 years, 2022 was the most exciting in terms of growth: just think that of the beyond 17 billion interactions with Alexa from 2018 to presentwell 8 billion occurred this year alone. And again in 2022, according to the analysis conducted by GFK together with ServicePlan on Best Brands 2022, Alexa returned to the Best Product ranking of the 10 most loved Italian brands.” He has declared Gianmaria Visconti, Amazon Alexa Country Manager in Italy. “To confirm this success are the continuous demonstrations of affection by users throughout Italy, who rely on Alexa daily to manage their days, from waking up to bedtime, and to have fun with music, recipes, to stay informed or to manage the smart home. “

It is also interesting to understand what happens at the regional level where the first region to use and keep Alexa active in Lombardy but even the Molise which region with the greatest growth of active users who called Alexa to order in this 2022 with a annual increase of 56%. In Campania, on the other hand, there was a 62% increase in home management with Alexa and Rome is again the first province in Italy for the number of interactions.

Alexa: here is its evolution in 4 years

Alexa’s was an incredible and somehow unique evolution. Recall that when it was first launched in the US in 2014, Alexa only had 13 functions available while today boasts hundreds of them; in the beginning he spoke only one language, today instead available in over 75 countries and in 9 different languages and it can also detect multiple languages ​​at the same time. Not only that, also able to change voice with a male one, just say “Alexa, change your voice“. In addition, thanks to the development of third party skillswhich today amount to over 130 thousand in the world and beyond 5 thousand in Italy, Alexa keeps getting smarter.

An evolution that has been highly satisfying for users especially in their homes in Italy. These are becoming more and more connected and it is becoming voice is increasingly used which somehow represents the simplest and most natural way to interact with technology, which thus becomes within everyone’s reach. You think they have been beyond 1.8 billion interactions between smart devices and Alexa in 2022 only in Italy.

In short Alexa was a success with unimaginable numbers four years ago. Alexa has become everyone’s friend, indeed she has become for many a sister, a mother, a concrete and intelligent help. And all this is due to the fact that Alexa strongly intuitive, understands everyone and above all interacts with everyone regardless of accent, age and even the individual’s familiarity with technology. still proactive and it has been seen that over 600 million actions have been carried out through the famous ” Routines ” which, as mentioned, have allowed Italians to save over 6 million hours.

Alexa and her 4 year gift to users

Alexa is 4 years old but she gives us a gift. Yes, because Italian users from November 6th to November 13th will be able to receive a gift from the Amazon assistant simply by saying “Alexa, Happy Birthday”. The gift will be a chance to receive 3 months of free Audible to discover thousands of new audiobooks but also Podcasts and more Audible Originals.

At this point, nothing remains to be done “ Happy Birthday to Alexa ”that there may still be 100 of these days.

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Alexa turns 4! Here is how much it has evolved and the gift it gives to all users to download

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