Apple event, the iPhone 14 and the Apple Watch 8 arrive: the live broadcast

iPhone 14 and more: all the news and products presented by Apple at the most important event of the year

19.28 – The real news: the Apple Watch Ultra

Let’s enter the segment dedicated to Apple Watch Ultra, the real novelty of Apple watches. It is introduced by talking about athletes engaged in endurance races or “explorers”. Apple Watch Ultra has a plus button, the Action Button, which will be used to manage the repetitions and segments of races on foot, on the track, or on a bike. It will likely be very popular with professional athletes and advanced amateurs who don’t like or can’t interact with a touch screen. There is also a dual band GPS, redesigned for all those contexts (Apple mentions the Chicago marathon) in which the traditional GPS has difficulty in working with precision. Then a larger battery (up to 36 hours normal and up to 60 hours in “Adventure” mode with some optimizations) and the Night Mode, which is activated with the digital crown for better readability in the dark. Special bracelets in plastic and titanium materials, for different uses, in water or even on difficult terrain. In the viewfinder there are super-watches for outdoor activities such as Garmin’s Fenix.

19.20 – A new Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch SE, the economic version of the Apple watch, is renewed. Three new colors – silver, midngiht and starlight – and the back in a new material with reduced environmental impact. On the second generation SE there are the updated features of the Watch 8, such as Crash detection, and a display that is 30% larger than the Series 3. Then a SiP 8 processor that is 20% more powerful than the previous generation to handle future updates. US prices starting from $ 249: it will be a probable bestseller

19.20 – Apple Watch 8, prices

Here are the (American) prices of Apple Watch 8.

19.16 – New looks for the watch

Obviously, new bracelets arrive, including a Nike loop band and the usual luxury editions of Hermes (complete with a dedicated watch face).

7.15 pm – A super battery on Apple Watch 8

There is also a new mode to save battery. It’s called low power mode: 36 hours of operation without recharging, deactivating functions such as always-on display and automatic training detection.

7.13 pm – Crash Detection on Apple Watch 8

Apple Watch Series 8 is able to understand if the user has been involved in a car accident, using new versions of the accelerometer, more precise. “We’ve spent years studying car crashes, front, side, rear. Other sensors are also used and then artificial intelligence to understand if there has been an accident and notify the emergency numbers ».

19.10 – The temperature sensor and tracking of the menstrual cycle

Apple Watch Series 8 introduces a more advanced version of menstrual cycle tracking, with indication of ovulation days: it takes advantage of the new Temperature Sensor, which debuts with the new series. On such sensitive data, Apple reiterates once more that these data related to female fertility are 100% encrypted and are only accessible to the user and the people they want to share with.

19.07 – Here is Apple Watch Series 8

Here is Apple Watch Series 8. With new watchfaces and complications. Obviously Apple does not forget to mention Fitness +, the “remote gym” service also launched in Italy

19.04 – The potential of Apple Watch

The first focus is on the Apple Watch. Tim Cook says: “We have received thousands of letters from users and we share some with you.” A very ironic video clip follows, showing the many ways – between the serious and the facetious – with which the Apple clock is used. Including a bear breaking into a room: Siri is there to call the emergency number, directly on her wrist. But not only: from the call to 911 (the 113 of the USA), to the life-saving alerts for the heart, to the moment it impacts on workouts: Apple emphasizes the useful functions of the Apple Watch, which is no longer a simple accessory anymore or less fashion.

19.00 – Let’s go

At 19.00 precisely the event begins. And Tim Cook takes the stage, visibly happy to be able to return to having an audience to tell the news of his company: “The Steve Jobs Theater was built for moments like this, we have not been here for three years and it is a special day. , to bring the community back together ». Then he launches the video that will tell in particular three new generations of products: iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods Pro.

6.41 pm

We will follow the presentation of the iPhone directly from Steve Jobs Theater. After two years of remote events, due to the pandemic, the public – composed of experts and journalists – has returned to fill the room dedicated to the founder of Apple.


Even if the Apple event is back in attendance it will still be possible follow the live video through the official website of Apple and the official YouTube channel. Waiting for the official announcements, we have collected the rumors here circulated in recent weeks on new smartphones.

5.43 pm

To celebrate the start of the day when Apple’s most important appointment of the year is set Tim Cook immortalized a rainbow that “frames” theApple Park in Cupertino. Here, at the Steve Jobs Theater, at 10.00 in San Francisco (ours 19.00) the curtain of “Far Out“. Thus was the title of the event whose undisputed protagonists will be the new iPhones, model number 14. There will also be room for the Apple Watch Series 8 and – probably – also for the second generation of AirPods Pro.

Less pleasant, for Apple, are the news that arrives just a few hours before the opening of the event, from Brazil. Where the government has local sales of iPhones in which packages do not include a charger are suspended. That is all models from 12 onwards. The Brazilian Ministry of Justice and Public Security then imposed on the company a $ 2.3 million fine and even canceled the iPhone 12’s registration with Anatel, the Brazilian telecommunications agency. Apple immediately stated that will file an appeal: “We have already obtained several judgments in Brazil on this issue and we are confident that our customers are aware of the various charging and connection options for their devices.” The subject of the charger is indeed controversial. If in Brazil the lack of packaging is seen in a critical way – to the point of eliminating the smartphone from the shelves of the shops – in European Union it will become an obligation when it comes into force the single loader law. A charger with USB-C port and not Lightining, the one that still mounts the iPhone today.

07 September


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Apple event, the iPhone 14 and the Apple Watch 8 arrive: the live broadcast

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