At the extreme edge of our galaxy she appeared

Certainly define i boundaries of the universe it’s not easy at all, not even when it comes to delving into the galaxy to which our solar system belongs. There Milky Way it has always been at the center of the attention of astronomers, even more in recent days, after the most distant star ever observed was precisely identified.

Over a million light years: this is the distance to which reference must be made to understand in which position the celestial object is located, specifically halfway from the Andromeda galaxy to get a clearer idea. It is obviously not a lone star, it is part of a much larger group made up of 200 other stars that will have more and more importance in the future.

The boundaries of the Milky Way

It is this stellar group, in fact, that will allow us to carefully calculate the outermost and most distant borders of the Milky Way. To arrive at the latest surprising conclusions were some researchers of theUniversity of California who presented their data during the last meeting of the AAS (American Astronomical Society). To track the star they needed a sophisticated tool, the CFHT extension. There is talk of the Canada-France-Hawaii telescope which is located in this archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. There is great excitement throughout the scientific community for a very simple reason.

The study of the farthest star in the Milky Way has redefined the outer limit of our galaxy. As pointed out by the authors of the research, both the Milky Way itself and Andromeda have dimensions that almost touch each other. This also means that their most distant and external limits are not easy to study, but this is exactly where it is a good portion of the mass. The group of stars referred to earlier is part of a specific group, better known as RR Lyrae and has some interesting characteristics to say the least.

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The oldest stars in the Milky Way

The expansion and contraction of the set of stars occur periodically, with good regularity and with a brightness that changes continuously. Just the brightness of these celestial objects has been compared to an electrocardiogram, as if we were dealing with the “heart” of the galaxy. The RR Lyrae made it possible to ascertain the exact position of the outermost edge of the Milky Way, precisely one million light years from the central area. It may have been a coincidence, but a few days before this study another one was carried out on the origin of one of the oldest stars ever in our galaxy.

The name is that of SMS 1605-1443: according to astronomers it is a binary star and manages to perfectly preserve all the chemical elements of the time of its formation, before becoming a real star. In this case, what made the difference was the sophisticated technology of the ESO spectrograph, in Chile. Among other things, Italian scientists are also part of this research, specifically those of the University of Florence and the National Institute of Astrophysics. It is a pride characterized in part by the colors green, white and red that one cannot but be proud of.

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At the extreme edge of our galaxy she appeared

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