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If you have managed to buy a PlayStation 5, the first concern of any user is to make sure that it is positioned so that it is not damaged. Whether it’s on a shelf next to or below the TV, or in any other position, given the not exactly cheap cost, anyone would like to keep it safe.

However, cases have been reported in which, despite the necessary precautions, the PlayStation 5 has suffered serious damage, in some cases even irreparable. And without its owner realizing he’s causing damage to the console. In fact, numerous reports of various malfunctions have emerged on the web, for a completely unexpected cause.

Perhaps you are harming your console unknowingly –

Everything would therefore depend on how it comes placed the console. Different models of the line can in fact be kept both vertically and horizontally, depending on the needs and preferences of the buyer. An option not always available, which we have only seen on the PlayStation 2, before arriving at the latest generation console.

Apparently, however, hold vertically the Playstation 5 it would not be the best of options. In this position, in fact, the console could be irreparably damaged. According to some testimonies that emerged on the web, in fact, several users should have had the console repaired after only a few months of use.

The problem has not been announced officially, also because, in relation to the purchase question, there are few users who have actually managed to buy one. Among these, then, not everyone holds the console in an upright position, for reasons of space or preference.

The word to the experts

About the account Console System present on Twitter, some testimonials have been collected regarding the spill of liquid metal, present in the console in the system on chip cooling system. In fact, holding the console vertically could increase the risk of it leaking, which would cause serious problems with the heat dissipation system, as well as damage to the components inside the console.

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The position of the PlayStation 5 apparently is very important, keep it horizontal –

Several photos have also been published, again on the social network, showing theindoor of some affected PlayStation 5s. It goes without saying that the vertical position of the device, due to gravity, favors the leakage of the liquid. This cooling system, used by Sony on the latest generation console, is new, and therefore the occurrence of unforeseen events cannot be excluded.

Until now, however, no official statement has been made by the manufacturer. For the time being, therefore, PlayStation 5 owners are advised to keep the console in place where possible horizontal.

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Be careful how you hold your PlayStation 5, you could break it without knowing it – News Videogame

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