Creator Edition Kit: with Volta, GoPro ‘turning point’

It happens that the success of a certain product is not decreed by its mere technical characteristics, but above all by the ecosystem of accessories that revolve around it and which make its use effective, perhaps for particular and specific tasks.

a concept that GoPro knows well; Since the beginning of its history, the US brand has built its success on the one hand on the revolutionary concept of Action Camera, but above all on the other on the mounting and hooking accessories, which made life easy for anyone who wanted to attach the camera to boards, bicycles and helmets. Without the mounting systems, GoPro action cameras would have remained ‘little boxes shooting videos’.

Over the years, GoPro has also become one of the favorite cameras for the Vlogger, given its portability, given by its compact size, low weight and resistance to accidental falls and atmospheric agents. One of the shortcomings of such a compact product is that it leaves little space for the battery and the 1720 mAh accumulator of the current HERO9 and HERO10, although with a longer autonomy than in the past, it certainly cannot hold up a whole day around.

of course it is possible to have spare batteries (to remember to charge) or power bank, but these are not always convenient solutions, especially if you need to stop recording to give new energy to the action camera.

Kit Creator Edition combines four GoPro products in a package designed for content production: action camera, Volta grip, unit

GoPro has created for this purpose Timea handle with controls and integrated batteryand with it he built the Creator Edition kitwhich combines four GoPro products in a package designed for content production: action camera, Volta grip, multimedia unit and light mod.

GoPro Creator Edition Kit: 4 products in 1

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We already talked about the latter two in the review of GoPro HERO 9 Blackbut the combination with the new Volta handle makes the kit ‘turn’.

It is a handle that transforms on a tripodwhich offers a built-in 4900mAh battery and which also integrates all buttons to control the action camera. In addition, the handle also offers the threaded hole for mounting on a tripod, on the head of a larger tripod or on other mounting systems. The connection between handle and camera uses the Bluetooth and therefore Volta can also become a remote control to control the action camera up to 30 meters away.

A very effective kit in the field

Kit Creator Edition combines four GoPro products in a package designed for content production: action camera, Volta grip, unit

The quartet is very effective in the field: the handle does its job and allows you not to worry about the state of the battery and to support the action camera for shooting in a stable way thanks to the tripod, the multimedia unit adds bi-directional microphone, 3.5mm jack for external microphones, mini-HDMI port and replicates USB Type-C, plus the small mod adds a light fill for darker scenes. In a context such as a fair or an event, the kit responds very well to the needs of content creators like us in the Hardware Upgrade editorial team: you can see the Creator Edition kit at work with GoPro HERO 9 Black, for example, in the covers of the video recorded at the presentation event of the new Canon EOS R10 and R7 mirrorless cameras.

The most important feature of the kit in a day on the field to shoot is certainly to eliminate the worry about the battery of the action camera: the energy stored in Volta allows 4 hours of recording at the highest quality. The convenience of having start and stop recording commands at your thumb’s reach also makes it easier to split your footage into smaller clips, making editing and editing easier. The legs that come out of the handle and transform it into a tripod then make it easy to shoot with the camera resting on a surface, but also the simple operation of placing the camera somewhere, perhaps to tinker with a product before shooting it. .

Not given as a gift, but it’s worth it

The Creator Edition kit with GoPro HERO10 Black available at a price of 618.96 for those who already have a GoPro subscription, ea 824.95 for those who buy it without subscribing to the service. Upon launch, first-time GoPro subscribers will be eligible for a special promotion and purchase the Creator Edition for a total price of 568.95.

Volta also compatible with the HERO9 Black and allows you to charge any device compatible with USB-C ports, including GoPro MAX cameras and older GoPro cameras. GoPro Volta available in Italy at 90.99 for those who already have a GoPro ea subscription 129.99 for those who buy it without subscribing to the service. Optional multimedia unit for HERO10 and HERO9 alone costs 89.99, while for the small LED light you need 49.99: on balance the complete kit allows substantial savings compared to the purchase of individual components.

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Creator Edition Kit: with Volta, GoPro ‘turning point’

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