“Don’t show it to the children.” Sound the alarm on the puppet advertised by YouTubers

A puppet blue, with sharp teeth, who wants to crush the children “until the last breath“. IS Huggy Wuggy, the plush inspired by the character of the video game Poppy Playtime relaunched on the web by many youtubers and creators of content for the little ones. According to British psychologists it can “make children fear of the dark unmanageable“. In Italy, the phenomenon is monitored by the Postal Police:” Showever, we know that it is very widespread and that we have received numerous reports“, explains a Repubblica.it the chief of cyber policemen, Ivano Gabrielli.

The puppet that “scares children”

Huggy Wuggy is the main character in a horror video game intended for kids over the age of 13. The appearance of a funny “little monster”, colorful and harmless in appearance, favored the diffusion of contents on the Net. To the point that a puppet loved by the children of kindergarten. Not to mention the disturbing ditty that now resounds left and right on social media: “I could hug you forever, until you exhale your last breath together” And “I’ll be there soon, sink my teeth and you’ll be consumed“, say some lines of the text of” Free Hugs “.

The spread of the phenomenon

The phenomenon, already known for many years, it began to spread on the web during the pandemic. “It has been a known phenomenon for years, growing especially during the lockdown and the pandemic period. And the fact that despite the revival of sociability some children are still so addicted to screens is worrying“, explains Ettore Battelli of the Legal Clinic in Children’s Law of the RomaTre University. The families of the Genima-Parents Association immediately raised the alarm.”There are less careful families who have bought the puppet for their children without their children having ever played the video game“, explains to Repubblica.it Alessia Arena, vice president of the association. Another parent points the finger at the creators of some contents on the YouTube platform:”Now the kids are all obsessed with the puppet because it is being advertised by YouTubers“.

The psychologist’s analysis

In the United Kingdom, thealert. According to psychologists from across the Channel, soft toys can make babies’ fear of the dark unmanageable. “It is a puppet that has a harmless appearance, that of a soft plush, but hides an evil nature, and therefore the big mouth with sharp teeth and also an aggressive temperament. This spread can generate fears and allow adults to manipulate the little ones“, explains psychologist and expert of the Postal Police Cristina Bonucchi. According to the expert”There are fears that are physiological, I am thinking above all of the fear of the dark – continues the doctor – But if they are stimulated by phenomena like this, the risk is to have very scared children for something that is basically a product created for a playful activity aimed at more mature age groups. It may be difficult to manage fear of the dark turning into fear of Huggy Wuggy because everyone is talking about Huggy Wuggy. If not well managed, it can become even more worrying“.

The alarm from the Postal Police

There Police post has been monitoring the evolution of the phenomenon for some months now. “We cannot raise the issue of contrast, but that of attention – clarifies the head of the Post, Ivano Gabrielli – you have to make an effort, perhaps surf with your children to understand what children watch online, what moments of sharing they have with other children, what are the topics they view and accompany them“. No alarmism, therefore, but more attention on the part of parents to the web content to show to their children.”It is a skill that the average parent must develop, coming from generations in which the diffusion of new technologies was not comparable to what there is currently, so it is really a complex effort to face as parents. – concludes Gabrielli – But it is necessary, because the first bulwark of protection for children and young people is the family in which we think about what is dangerous and about the nature of things.“.

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“Don’t show it to the children.” Sound the alarm on the puppet advertised by YouTubers

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