Earthquake on TV, Rai and Mediaset change forever: never seen anything like it –

Technological evolution has brought many new things into everyday life. Very often these are things that previously could not even be imagined but which today are the basis of our common life. Just as often, these are situations that could already be used before but which, thanks to the great technological evolutions, are radically different from the past. A striking case is that of television entertainment and the new means that the internet makes available every day. Let’s see in detail.

Sky Go and streaming services

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And Sky Go?

There digitization of entertainment has led, over the years, many people to prefer new modes to enjoy many new contents. Various elements have led to this change in the way of global entertainment. The two predominant factors have certainly been Internet and, consequently, streaming and platforms who have exploited its power and versatility.

The stream onlineafter an initial phase in which everything was left in the hands of piracy, it underwent a normalization process which led it, to date, to be the method by which most of the multimedia contents are enjoyed, from TV series to movies, from music to video games (with offers such as the one made available to usersXbox on Game Pass).

After an initial phase in which these platforms “worked” only in Americafor some time now, the phenomenon of legal streaming has globalized and also from us Europeans, Italians, it is possible to enjoy the boundless catalogs that streaming services make available. There is something for all tastes.

The best known and most used always remains Netflix, one of the first giants of this sector, however recent, which currently counts more or less in Italy 9 million subscribers. Sure, that could change with the removal of the ability to share accounts with your friends and family, like vi swe fold here.

As mentioned, there is something for all tastes: we go from more generalist services such as Netflix or Prime Video, the platform owned by amazon, which contain films, TV series, documentaries, shows, animated products, etc.; services more aimed at animation lovers, especially the Japanese one such as for example Crunchyroll.

And then there is Sky Go.

Sky Go and generalist channels

Sky Go with rai, mediaset la7 logos
First in Italy

Many will remember Sky as one of the first services which brought to Italy, a new wider method of watching television, I offend various packages for those looking for sports broadcasts, entertainment, cinema and more. Sky Go is the direct evolution of Sky: this is the streaming service dedicated to Sky customers which allows you to enjoy the channels included in your Sky subscription anywhere, on smartphones, tablets and enabled PCs.

All Sky customers have access to the Sky Go serviceincluded in the subscription and with the possibility of being able to associate it and use it on 4 different devices, changing them freely whenever they want. Sky Go allows users a wide range of possibilities, such as:

  • Download & Play: being able to download Sky On Demand programs and be able to watch them wherever you want, even without an internet connection
  • Restart, pause and replay: being able to watch live programs from the start, pause them and be able to watch them again
  • Sync with Sky Q

However, Sky customers will already know this information. So, where is the news?

Sky Go gets, with the latest update, a record in Italy. The platform is in fact the first on Italian soil to allow the viewing of generalist channels i.e. networks Rai, Mediaset and La7. The reason, according to the company is “offer an even easier viewing experience to all subscribers”.

Starting from 30 Januaryon the Sky Go platform they will be visible Rai 1, Rai 2, Rai 3, Rete 4, Canale 5 and La7. These are in addition to the over 50 channels generalists already present on the platform, not counting the thousands of on-demand contents including films, series, documentaries, etc.

To start watching new channels right away, you’ll need to select them from the home page of the application or from Sky Go TV Channels sectiondirectly from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Thus it will therefore be possible to start zapping even among the networks that you know well and with which we all grew up in one way or another.

To all this, the classics are added features that Sky Go makes available to its users and therefore you can download programs from one of the networks you prefer and watch them anywhere, even without an internet connection.

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Earthquake on TV, Rai and Mediaset change forever: never seen anything like it –

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