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The presentation of Purosangue has shaken the minds of the Ferrari environment, but the most controversial creation from a stylistic point of view in the history of the Cavallino maintains engineering solutions that combine avant-garde and tradition. The engine in fact preserves the architecture of the naturally aspirated V12, but perfected in every single component to improve thermal efficiency, also making use of solutions deriving from the experience in Formula 1. Purosangue can thus count on 725 horsepower and 716 Nm of maximum torque.

In terms of vehicle dynamics, the latest Ferrari introduces a new active suspension system, developed in collaboration with Multimatic. The plant, combined with the four independent steering wheels, guarantees ample control over the trajectory. There are also systems such as ABS, ESC and traction control, along with the new one Hill Descendent Control.

On the performance front, Purosangue is able to cover the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.3 s, with a maximum speed exceeding 310 km / h. No fuel consumption and emissions data were provided, as the car is still in the homologation phase. Below is the technical sheet with the main figures disseminated by the Cavallino house.

Length 4973 mm
Length 2028 mm
Height 1589 mm
Step 3018 mm
Front track 1737 mm
Rear track 1720 mm
Dry weight 2033 kg
Weight distribution 49% front, 51% rear
Power-to-weight ratio 0.36 hp / kg
Torque-to-weight ratio 0.35 Nm / kg
Cockpit Four seats
Trunk capacity 473 liters
Chassis Monocoque in aluminum and light alloys, roof in carbon fiber
Other Bonnet and rear doors with opening into the wind
Motor V12 naturally aspirated, 65 °, dry sump
Displacement 6496 of the Italian Civil Code
Maximum power 725 horsepower at 7750 rpm
Maximum torque 716 Nm at 6250 rpm
Maximum rotation speed 8250 revolutions per minute
Compression ratio 13.6: 1
Specific power 111 hp / L
Specific torque 110 Nm / L
Tank capacity 100 liters
Transmission Double clutch, 8 gears
Installation Transaxle, front axle
Traction Whole wheat
Suspensive group Ferrari-Multimatic active suspension; hydraulic shock absorber with 48 Volt True Action Spoon Valve electric motor
Steering Four independent steering wheels
Braking ABS EVO 2.0
Motricity Improved traction control
Speed ​​control HDC, Hill Descendent Control: maintains constant speed even downhill
Differential Electronic control
Trajectory control ESC, Electronic Stability Control
Front tires 255 / 35R222 J9.0
Rear tires 315 / 30R23 J11.0
Front brake discs Diameter 398 mm, thickness 38 mm
Rear brake discs Diameter 380 mm, thickness 34 mm

Sprint 0-100 km / h 3.3 s, 32.8 m
Sprint 0-200 km / h 10.6 s, 129 m
Full speed Over 310 km / h

FP | Carlo Platella


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Ferrari Purosangue: the technical sheet |

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