Ferrari SP51 is the new one-off from the Maranello company – Trials and News

Ferrari SP51 is the name of the latest addition to the One-Off series belonging to the Maranello House’s Special Projects program. This car joins the most exclusive segment of the Ferrari range, which includes unique cars, first outlined and then built on the basis of a customer’s requests, thus reaching the pinnacle of the customization possibilities offered by the Prancing Horse.
The SP51, designed by the Ferrari Style Center under the direction of Flavio Manzoni, is a front-engined V12 spider based on the 812 GTS from which it inherits its layout, chassis and engine. Its main peculiarity lies in the total absence of a roof which makes it a roadster in all respects, thus accentuating its sporty character and the ability to excite both at the sight and when driving en plein air. Consequently, a great deal of aerodynamic refinement was necessary through CFD simulations, wind tunnel tests and dynamic tests to guarantee not only maximum comfort in the passenger compartment, but also an acoustic level and a wind feeling completely comparable to that of the car. of inspiration.

The style of the car is powerful and harmonious thanks to its wavy and muscular surfaces, without elements of discontinuity. The models are sinuous, modern and sensual, thanks also to the extensive use of exposed carbon fiber elements on both exteriors and interiors. One of the elements that will capture the attention of those approaching the SP51 is the Rosso Passionale, a new triple-layer color developed specifically for this car. In fact, this shade gives the car an elegant and authoritative character, whose personality is further enhanced by the white and blue longitudinal livery inspired by a legendary Ferrari 410 S from 1955 but which, in this interpretation, crosses the car until it penetrates inside. .
On the front, the redesigned headlamps are worth mentioning, providing a strong and unmistakable identity to the eye of the SP51. Also of considerable interest are the wheels, specific for this car and equipped with carbon fiber fins on all spokes, embellished among other things by a refined tone-on-tone diamond finish on the front.
The rear view is dominated by an arched theme that sees the headlights set below the spoiler. Immediately behind the passenger compartment there are two humped elements whose visual perception is softened by as many deep shells made of carbon fiber. Between these two elements rests a transverse wing profile, also in carbon fiber, folded over the moldings as if to caress them.
The bridge effect thus obtained vaguely recalls that of a ‘Targa’ type car in which the flying bridge elegantly hides the anti-roll bar structures, in a distant nod to solutions used in the Ferrari Sports Prototype of the early 1960s.
The personalization of the passenger compartment was based on the choice of the dominant color of the Alcantara that covers it, that is to say the same Rosso Passionale created ad hoc for the exteriors of the SP51, and on the effective idea of ​​giving continuity to the longitudinal livery of the exteriors. In fact, the colors white and blue also appear on the central tunnel and on the strip between the seats in the rear wall of the cabin, as well as on the seams of the steering wheel, generating total continuity between the interior and exterior made possible only by the car’s roadster architecture. Also of great impact is the special finish provided for the door panels, the lower part of the dashboard and the seat side bolsters, consisting of a blue Kvadrat insert with white ‘X’ stitching that reflects the livery pattern.
The One-Off Ferrari SP51, designed for a loyal Taiwanese customer and a prominent collector of the Prancing Horse, represents a roadster reinterpretation of the first front-engined V12 spider from the Maranello company after 50 years.


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Ferrari SP51 is the new one-off from the Maranello company – Trials and News

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