Final Fantasy 16 could break with a recent tradition of the saga

Final Fantasy he has been in a strange situation for quite some time now. It is one of the flagship names of Square Enix and it is undeniable that every new chapter is awaited with trepidation by many players, both the historical ones who do not react horrified in the face of the most action drift of recent years, both the players and the first. time they touch the franchise. At the same time, however, there is always a little bit of suspicious of a new chapter.

One reason is that for a few years now, every major project in the saga seems to be struggling to get into gear. Let’s think first of all of Final Fantasy 14 Online, total failure in its first version, but reborn in style with A Realm Reborn and for many it has become one of the best games ever, expansion in expansion, also from a narrative point of view.

Let’s move on to Final Fantasy 15, the infamous project that arose from the ashes of Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Just the fact that the second team managed to put everything back on its feet, transforming and modifying the original source here and there, seems like a small miracle. Of course, you can see that the game is not all it wanted to be, but it was still able to become one of the best-selling chapters of the saga (difficult to find very precise numbers, but we are probably talking about 10/11 million copies: it could or be the second or third best-selling Final Fantasy ever).

Plus, we have Final Fantasy 7 Remake, unveiled at E3 2015 and quickly criticized for abandoning the classic ATB turn-based system in favor of ATB hybrid action combat. Even the initial design of the characters was not particularly appreciated (and in fact later modified). Let’s not forget that the idea of ​​dividing it into several chapters caused scandal to be screamed at. Years later, however, it became one of the favorite games for fans, with an incredible technical sector, a satisfying combat system and a narrative that was able to respect the original while introducing some interesting news.

Final Fantasy 16

And now? We are now looking forward to Final Fantasy 16 (yes, 7 Remake Part 2 too, but it’s too early to think about it). As we have seen today, development is in the final stages and this means that a new presentation may be upon us. Most importantly, it is now possible to start hoping that early 2023 is the exit period.

Leaving aside the hopes, however, there is a consideration to be made. We have seen little of this new chapter and we really know the bare minimum to frame it as an action RPG. However, we can note one thing. Final Fantasy 16 it doesn’t seem to have anything problematic.

Unlike all the projects mentioned, Final Fantasy 16 it seems to be a project in development on a regular basis, with no drama or serious criticism from the public. Yes, there is a slice of players who still want a return to classic rounds, but it is a cry that has lost its strength and that has been echoing in the background for so long that we don’t notice too much now. we like them in turn but now Final Fantasy has chosen another path, understandably).

Final Fantasy 16 would seem to have broken the unpleasant tradition that the saga has been carrying around for many years now. Obviously, everything has to be confirmed, but since the first trailer we had the strong impression that this is a healthy project, especially since the first video proposed graphics that did not give the impression of being fake, or even just technologically advanced. . We know it might seem counterintuitive, but seeing a trailer of a Final Fantasy that seems to want to see itself with the plot and gameplay rather than the graphical presentation is reassuring.

Then are the words of Naoki Yoshida that really make us hope: “Many people have grown up, have started to work, they have realized that reality is not as easy as a videogame and at a certain point they abandoned Final Fantasy. people who we want to remember the passion they once had “.

Final Fantasy 16 gives us confidence therefore not only because it seems to be interesting (the hints of plot, world, mythology and gameplay are minimal but still intriguing), but above all because it seems to be a job well managed by producers and developers. We really hope not to be wrong.

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Final Fantasy 16 could break with a recent tradition of the saga

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