For the Toyota GR Supra comes the manual gearbox

FOR THE PURIST OF THE GUIDE – The Toyota GR Supra it is one of the few “old style” sports cars left on the market. However, the Japanese house did not just offer enthusiasts a satisfying car to drive, but also demonstrated that it knows how to listen to user feedback. Today’s announcement of the availability of manual transmission six-speed intelligent (iMT), which will be available in Europe, is proof of this.

MANY SMALL CHANGES – Toyota has developed one new transmission and a new clutch, both specially designed to match the power of the 3.0 6-cylinder engine. On the occasion, improvements were also made to the car, updates that will also be available on all other variants of the Toyota GR Supra. Specifically, the brake control systems have been fine-tuned and the suspension and power steering benefit from a new calibration, as does the traction control. The range is also enriched with a special model called Lightweight with a 3-liter engine, which is distinguished by a manual transmission lighter and for other measures that have reduced the weight of the car by 38.3 kg, to the full advantage of the dynamic qualities.

THE NEW CHANGE – To introduce the manual on the Toyota GR Supra the engineering team modified the existing transmission housing, driveshaft and gear set and removed unnecessary elements, further reducing the weight of the car. At the heart of the transmission is a newly developed clutch with a larger diameter and a diaphragm spring. There iMT transmission benefits from new control system software, programmed to prioritize performance. To ensure better acceleration, the final gear ratio has been shortened from 3.15 (in the automatic GR Supra) to 3.46. The Hairpin + function was then added, designed to offer greater driving pleasure and more freedom when tackling tight curves uphill.

REVISED THE TUNNEL – To ensure better usability of the manual gearbox of the Toyota GR Suprathe engineers also revised the center tunnel setting, making sure the gear knob was optimally positioned to ensure precise and quick gear changes. The revised layout provides a 42mm gap between the shift knob and the air conditioning panel.

REVIEW THE RANGE – Some have been made changes also to the range from the Toyota GR Supra. Make the 2.0-liter Live automatic version as entry model, available with the optional Premium, Connect and Sport packages, and the 3.0 Active automatic, with the Premium package as an option. Then there is the 3.0 Live with the manual and, finally, at the top of the range we find the 3.0 Premium. The new Toyota GR Supra range also benefits from new colorways with the addition of Moareki Gray and Dawn Blue. A matte white Moonstone was also introduced, available exclusively for the 3.0 Premium manual.

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For the Toyota GR Supra comes the manual gearbox

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